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Beyond The Fringe Comic #2: Chapter B

      Email Post       11/02/2011 10:21:00 AM      

DC Comics has released the fourth comic in the "Beyond The Fringe" direct-to-digital series.

Beyond The Fringe #2: Chapter B was written by Christine Lavaf, is available now for $0.99 via

Here is the official description:
Imagine If... Astrid Was A Spy?

Visit another reality where Fringe agent Astrid Farnsworth is not only Walter Bishop's research assistant, but also an undercover spy in the service of someone very familiar ... and surprising!
Order "Beyond The Fringe" here


Twinkletoes said...

Very sad that Peter and astrid has done more stuff in COMICS than on the show.

fringeobsessed said...

I need to buy this and see if my theory is correct that she's a mole in SOME universe for David Robert Jones! I always thought her reaction to having him in the lab in "Ability" was too comfortable.

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