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Vote in TV Line's "Renew Our Show" Poll: Fringe vs V

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TV Line is running a "Renew Our Show" poll, where you can vote on which shows you think should be renewed. Today's matchup is Fringe vs. V.

Head over to and vote for Fringe!


Anonymous said...

OMG are we kidding, here: "V" has zero originality, as the basic storyline is a total re-tread from the 1980s mini-series. FRINGE has an overall level of artistry in design and execution that is exceeded by no one. I like Elizabeth Mitchell, from her LOST performances, but the subtlety in Anna Torv's acting is "color" to Elizabeth's "black-and-white".

Chuck said...

I knew these two would face off. It's unfortunate because I like 'V'. However, Fringe is in my opinion a far more superior series than 'V' ever will be so my vote is definitely on Fringe.

Anonymous said...

GO FRINGE this show is great and i will even say j.jabram,s master pice dont let a stuped 50yearold rating systum kill it if they saw how maney pepole watch online they would see FRINGE IS BETTER THAN THE PAST SHOW,S LIKE XFILL,S AND BETER THAN THE PRESENT SHOW,S LIKE V IT IS THE FUTURE!

fringeobsessed said...

Putting "V" up against Fringe in this poll is like saying a kindergartner is smarter than a high school senior!

Anonymous said...

V is not comparable with Fringe at all!

Anonymous said...

Theres another contest going on over at and Fringe is in the third round! The link to that poll is right here:

ps-were up against Supernatural, so we REALLY need to vote

Cazza said...

Results are looking good ;-)

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