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Videos: Psychic Spoiler Alert

      Email Post       3/12/2011 08:40:00 AM      

Fox has ask a psychic a lot of important question about the show, like The Device, Olivia or Fauxlivia, the Observers and much more. Here's the playlist with the 3 videos, do you belive in this or not? 


Anonymous said...

I will eat Peter alive if that's gonna to happen !


Lupin said...

Ha ha! Olivia will start drinking!

Anonymous said...

What a phony! Peter would never choose FauxLivia over Liv! This woman has no idea what she's talking about! Peter will want his child, but NOT FauxLivia! He loves Liv!

tvnut014 said...

Unfortunately I can totally see Peter choosing Fauxlivia. No matter how much he'd LIKE to choose our Olivia, Fauxlivia is carrying his child. He won't want to be a distant father. Of course he'll still be harbouring feelings for our Olivia, but, to be honest he seemed to enjoy his relationship with Fauxlivia more when he thought she was OUR Olivia than he is currently enjoying his new relationship.
I definitely don't want to see Peter Bishop/Josh Jackson leaving the show and only become a guest star. That would not be cool. But I could see Olivia be totally heartbroken (again!) over this. Siiigh, Olivia Dunham just can't catch a break, huh?

The device: I think this "psychic" has a point with both of the universes surviving. Sure we can't see now, how both universes could possibly survive, however the producers have promised the fans that we won't be able to see it coming, that is how everything will all work out.

I think that this psychic, even though I'm pretty sure she was put up to this by the producers of Fringe to get fans in a panic, that she may have a point about the machine malfunctioning. Could Peter's love for Olivia, and his desire to be there for his CHILD (thus making him choose to be with Fauxlivia) cause the machine to malfunction?

Luli said...

This was amusing, but i don't buy anything that this woman says.

Damian Garcia said...

Interesting. Although I'll always be skeptical of psychics, I mean who knows really. Like tvnut014 said I can honestly see Peter picking the other Olivia although I would hope not.

On a side note, does anyone know the song that plays at the very end when the Fringe title comes up?

fringeobsessed said...

Amusing tripe.
I could see the writers making Peter have to go to FauxLivia for some reason, but his heart will ALWAYS be with our Liv, especially after this season's finale(my prediction, and I'm no psychic.)

SZ said...

Pfft. I'm pretty sure they put her up to this. I mean the sequence in the third video where he's going and playing golf etc whilst she's obliviously reciting the numbers would seem to indicate that this is a spoof in my opinion;-)

Anonymous said...

Can she tell if Bolivia already ruined the show ? and if it going to be renewed or not.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Peter will pick Fauxlivia but he will want to save his son, and for some twisted reason Peter and Olivia will be separated in order to save the child or the universes. Maybe the 2 Olivia will swap places in order to save both universes. So it will be the classical end of season with Olivia always trapped in another univers, till next september... (Hope there is a season 4)

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