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Fringe Sneak Peek #2 317: "Stowaway"

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Thanks to, here is a new sneak peek for tomorrow's episode "Stowaway".

Plus, Anna Torv gave them her opinion about her "new" role:
The actress — who has already been tasked this season with juggling the dual roles of Olivia and Fauxlivia — recently admitted to TVLine’s Matt Mitovich that adding a third personality to her repertoire “was not [a challenge] that I had been asking for!”

The fact that the new role involved channeling a sci-fi legend by the name of Leonard Nimoy made it all the more intimidating. “I was in shock for the first day,” Torv confesses. “I think I hyperventilated — and then I called John Noble [Walter] to say, ‘Can you please help me?’ I wanted to know what he thought, and what that [Walter/William] relationship was like. Plus, John is such a sweetheart, a lovely person to ask.”


Coco said...

hehe, I love how upset Peter is. We get to see some passion out of him tomorrow. ahh POlivia, I love this

michael dentzer said...

Willivia is Kinda creepy. But I am sure Nimoy likes being inside such a Hottie. :) Well Figuratively I mean. :)

45 said...

Yep, season 1 Peter is back! I mean peter has been so passive-aggressive for the last 2 years that its time that we see Peter REALLY upset!

Although i'm sure somebody on here is just going to turn what peter said around and make him out to be the bad guy yet again.

I'm talking to you REAL1!

Anonymous said...

45/katie/12 what ever ;)

HAhahah .... I think am i a nightmare for you ? haha

Well , I really love Broyles at that scene how about that ?


45 said...

Sorry real1, you are. You have done nothing but bash peter every chance you get. So what's your paranoid views about Peter's reaction? You still don't trust the fact that peter cares about Olivia? That he cared more about getting Olivia back as opposed to finding out information from William?

Anonymous said...

As how i did say to you before , am not bashing or hating or disliking Peter , NEVER .

Am still doubting him .. make sense ? i still not 100% trusting him .. make sense ? ... his reaction for now is normal not that big deal , but Broyles reaction is a big deal , because Bell can help them more than Olivia in what's Walternate is doing .. but he doesn't care .. he want his agent back .. there is a difference .... haha .. i can guess your words :D


Anonymous said...

"you have my word young man" xD <3
I think I'me gonna like it, Anna Torv did a great job with the voice!

45 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
45 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Nothing gonna change you , you are welcome 45 ,

hope you will be nice someday , and directing your posts about the show not to attack the posters , any way , i will enjoy every bit of Fringe and i will laugh hard about what's coming .

have a nice day .


Chuck said...

Hmm, not sure I quite like Anna Torvs new accent. It is however a hard voice to mimic, especially for a woman (or so I would assume). A+ for effort. I think she nailed the speech pattern though, ie how William talks and spaces out his words.

The clip isn't really much to go on anyway. I'm sure it will be an interesting episode nonetheless. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I will back off when people stop attacking MY favorite character which is what YOU keep doing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you are people? But god, are you serious? Can't you just enjoy the show and stop divide?
I, for one, enjoy the show, of course there are things I don't like but I find the actors really make efforts to make the show greater and greater... Can't you see that?

Old Darth said...

Episode looks like a lot of fun and another great acting opportunity for Anna.

As a life long Nimoy fan having Anna mimic him should be a lot of fun.

Just be glad she was not asked to do Shatner! ;D

Anonymous said...

Its not my fault that the writers divided the fans up. If it wasn't for that stupid Fauxlivia thing maybe there wouldn't be any fighting at all. There wasn't this much fighting during seasons 1 and 2. People are either team peter, team Olivia or Team Fauxlivia thus alienating the fanbases instead of bringing us together.

So, blame the writers.

Anonymous said...

Old Darth, yeah it makes you wonder when JOSHUA JACKSON will get his acting opportunity since the writers REFUSE to give it to him.

Matthew M said...

"you have my word young man" - LOVE IT!
I have nothing that negative about Peter but find it odd that those of you who defend him have forgotten what little we have learned about him. By his own words, he's a con-artist and by implication a thief; he can be violent, not only killing shape-shifters but physically as well threatening a guy about abusing a girl, taking on FBI Agents in a FBI building, etc. He has a temper which obviously he has a hard time controlling and tends to lead to violence.
Please stop whitewashing him like he's an altruist, he's not. Even if he loves Olivia he's still looking out for number 1, not her, not Walter not even 'over here' universe, but himself.
Remember one thing - it's a T.V. show people!
Now children, play nice.

Anonymous said...

Peter will be mad at bell if he dosent leave at the end of this episode

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

To Matthew, I am putting my fingers in my ears and ignoring your assnine comment.

Anonymous said...

Katie ,
I also a fan of josh jackson and let me tell u someth
by these comments you're not helping , people think differently and you won't change anything , but you will do something.... you'll make whoever who reads this a little bored to see the name of josh jackson everywhere with the same words ,.... yes I agree he did got nothing especially this year ... but that doesn't mean he's not a wonderful smart actor ... no one can deny that the only opportunity he's got in this season was in reciprocity and look you can see people everywhere loving how he really shined in that one.. , and his character is also great, he's just not having full concern this season, sad !! yes .. but let's enjoy fringe because fringe always makes us believe in developping characters .. and wish Peter's character would have more interest ... and lets not insult other characters plz because that makes their fans insult your favorite character , and that's not good at all , I sure even josh wwouldn't like it when you insult the cast ... It's just an advice I'm not saying you should but hoping you could ... think of what I said ... and thx for understanding !


45 said...

And I am sure John and anna don't like people insulting Josh's acting ability but these two are having too much fun playing two different people to notice that Josh is being wasted.

fringeobsessed said...

Thanks for posting this, JDunham.
Except for poor Peter being royally pissed off I thought that clip was fun. :)
I think Anna doing that voice is very interesting. Wonder how many times they had to re-take these scenes while the actors were cracking up?

Charity said...

I want Nimoy back, but I doubt that will happen -- so this is the next best thing. I am terribly curious about William Bell and want to see more of him -- in whatever form he may appear!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget next season is Peter's, so Peter fans are not going to be left out.
I think the whole conflict over his motivation etc is the point, this is the writers at their best, we don't know why he is acting this way and we are unlikely to guess, it's a whole story arc on its own. Enjoy it.

45 said...


Well that would be swell if the show wasn't about to be canceled. This could be the last season and the only thing Peter fans got was a guy who couldn't tell two Olivias apart, a guy who killed shapeshifters and why he did it would never to resolved and now a guy who has to deal with his girlfriend who turned into belly.

Walter and Olivia fans got to see their characters have dopplegangers with all this emmy buzz and whatnot.

Now could you see why I am freaking out here?

tankadin said...

Grumble... Why is anonymous an option for posting on this site?

Remove the anonymous option and make people pick the "Name/URL" option and just leave the URL blank. In fact, why not put "(optional)" after URL in the popup form so that people will know they can leave it blank.

If they truly want to be anonymous, they can just type anonymous as their name.

Anonymous said...

45 – the producers are positive, why not try that viewpoint. Even if it didn't happen, we can hope the producers won't leave us hanging as to where the story would go.

Tankadin, if someone can tell me what option I should use that doesn't require anything but a username I for one would be happy to have a name instead.

Dennis said...

Instead of commenting as "Anonymous", you can select "Name/URL" in the "Comment As" box. OR... you could just sign your name at the end of you post.

Last time I checked, you can't do that with blogger. If you turn off anonymous, it turns off Name/URL as well. Then everyone would be required to log-in.

FringeFrog said...

Will try a few options Dennis and see what works. I might stop reading the comments since so many are getting a tad narky with each other. What I loved about all this is to hear other peoples thoughts and ideas, whether I agreed or not. Not much fun when it gets so heated.

Signed, soon to be unanonymous!

FringeFrog said...

Putting nothing in the URL works just fine. Thanks

SZ said...

45/Katie said: "If it wasn't for that stupid Fauxlivia thing maybe there wouldn't be any fighting at all".

Just an observation, but you seem to be the only person really fighting here. Everyone else either ignores your remarks, tries to suggest you be a little more respectful of others' opinions or defends themselves against your attacks. I think maybe if you tried actually reading everyone else's comments, you would see that no one is attacking Peter or Joshua Jackson, so there is no need to be so defensive (and offensive) all the time.

trent said...


I don't understand, why you're not directing your complaints, however imaginary they may be, to the ones, that can really do something. You know Joel Wyman is on Twitter, don't you. Get a Twitter account and tell him directly.

As for the anon, who said next season will be Peter's, I'm sorry, but no. Nobody said this, not the producers and not the actors. It's just wishful thinking from fans. Some people thought S3 would be Peter's season, because S1 was Olivia's, S2 was both Olivia's and Walter's and it should have been his turn. For some reason, it went back to Olivia as the focus. S4 won't be Peter's, either, which is a shame, because I find him fascinating.

45 said...

I don't know how to use twitter and honestly, its confusing as hell. Anyways, how do you know that next season will not center around peter? You have some insight into what the writers want?

Anonymous said...

No, I don't. I'm just commenting on what people are saying. Nobody in the cast and crew has said anything about S4 being more Peter-centric, so it's just wishful thinking for now. That doesn't mean it won't be, I'd love to see lots of focus on Peter, but unless it comes from an official source, it's just speculation.

tankadin said...

If you want to log in with Name/URL but don't have a URL, you can probably just use as your URL.

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