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Fringe Behind-The-Scenes: "Os" Wheelchair Rugby

      Email Post       3/13/2011 01:39:00 PM      

The Fringe episode "Os" features a wheelchair rugby game. Arley McNeney, the communications coordinator of BC Wheelchair Sports, sent us this behind-the-scenes video from the game:
We were given permission to go behind the scenes during filming to make a video blog. We've got some sneak peeks of the wheelchair rugby storyline, an interview with the inventor of wheelchair rugby (who plays a coach in the episode) and even an interview with Alan Ruck. (Unfortunately, the audio is a little rough, but hopefully it's worth it).


Anonymous said...

Anyone know what gym that scene was filmed in? I've seen it used before on other TV shows.

Anonymous said...

I never noticed the girl when I watched the full program. She's very pretty, and a pretty tough cookie to boot.

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