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Win Tickets to see John Noble in Paris

      Email Post       2/27/2011 01:33:00 AM      

The French Fringe website is having a contest to give away two tickets to the Sci-Fi Convention in Paris on April 16 and 17th.

One of the tickets is a "Premium Ticket" (135€ value), which includes meeting John noble, plus you'll get an autograph and photo taken with him.

The other "Weekend Ticket" (50€ value) only gets you access to the convention, but you can buy tickets to get an autograph or a photo for 20€ each .

Of course transportation is not included, unless you live in Paris, or are willing to travel there on your own dime, there's not much point in entering. But we know we have some French Fringe fans out there, so to them we say "bonne chance"!

FYI, the contest site is only in French (you can read the site in English through Google Translator here), but the Sci-Fi Convention website is available in French or English.


Anonymous said...

Yeaaaah! I'm French, OMG Michael Shanks AND John Noble, I have to go! Loved stargate sg1^^

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