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Fringe Easter Eggs: Observer in Subject 13

      Email Post       2/25/2011 10:40:00 PM      

The Observer can be spotted walking in the Bishop Dynamics lobby, just as Walternate arrives.

You can see all of The Observer's other appearances here.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he got access to the building.

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode for what it is but...........
Continuity errors! Starting with Olive/Olivia's age. All info indicates the cortexiphan trials were done on 'pre-school' children and Olive/Olivia was obviously in Primary School in this episode. So we are to believe that every year the children or at least some of them returned to Jacksonville for several years and they don't remember? I'm sorry but that is a stretch and if they keep doing this the rubberband is going to break.
I hate seeing them expanding the back story to the point of disbelief of disbelief!

Matthew from the Fringe

Anonymous said...

When did Olivia say she left Jacksonville before age 7?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the Cortexiphan trials just have extended beyond the year you assumed it ended? Since all three of our main characters have bad memory, I don't see why Olivia couldn't have been in that school from when she was a toddler to when she shot her stepfather.

Some opinions on the memory issue:Peter had his memory warped by constant persuasion by Walter and Elizabeth, not to mention the electric shocks he got as a child (In Which We Meet Mr Jones) and the mantras he had to recite before sleeping to suppress memories that may arise from his unconscious (Dream Logic)

In terms of Olivia's memory, I can only hope there's a part 3 to the flashback because all I have is speculation. I do recall that Nick Lane said the Cortexiphan kids were not supposed to remember what happened to them. My belief is that the group was placed under collective repression much like a reverse-sensory-depravation-tank, where instead of being more aware, the children became less and more susceptible to brainwashing. In this state, they would have to be awakened to remember bits and pieces of their childhood (Isaac Winters did this in season 1 when he contacted Nick Lane, Nancy Lewis, and Susan Pratt). Since Olivia was never awaken, she's sort of a "sleeper" agent...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the picture of the seahorses on the refrigerator in the kitchen?

Anonymous said...

If they are going to keep obviously putting an extra from CC with 5 o'clock shadow head in the suit and hat instead of the expensive actor, you really should start referring to "AN Observer" and not "THE Observer".

Cheaping out in an HD world will make your audience call shenanigans.

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