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Tonight On Fringe: Immortality

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Tonight's Fringe episode "Immortality", is the thirteenth episode of season 3.

According to Wikipedia, Immortality refers to the concept of living in a physical or spiritual form for an infinite length of time. Could this be referring to the Observers? Sam Weiss? William Bell?

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How do you rate "Immortality"?


Lostie said...

Oh nooooooooo... I knew it was going to happen but I'm still upset :(

Anonymous said...

Walternate is hatching plans for that thing...

Anonymous said...

By far the most entertaining episode in a while.

But.....Frank? Is he really gone? Nooooo

Plus, stop making us like bolivia, by making her sympathetic and by writing olivia out of character.

Anonymous said...

there is only one word for the fans. betrayal

Lostie said...

Does anyone know what the glyphs were?

Brandon said...

Really...So Fringe is now turning into a Soap Opera...GTFO

Anonymous said...

Fringe is WAY more than just some soap opera... seriously. With Folivia pregnant with Peter's child, I think this will finally force him to choose between one side or another.

Anonymous said...

I want alternative Licoln to appear in Olivia universe and become part of the team there!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Brandon. I said the exact same thing. I liked those weird episodes in the beginning of the series which got me hooked. Now the show is turning into a soap opera with an out of this world(literraly) love triangle. Where has the old fringe gone?

Anonymous said...

.....the only form of Immortality of which we are capable is to live on through our children......and through that which we create rather than destroy.
This is why the Mythology will move towards a creation resolution, rather than to a Malverse denouement.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Fringe will make this baby business really cheesy and trite. Of course it's a bomb, but the writers should know how to pull this off without cliches. Plus, the baby means much more than just a deal breaker for Peter's choice between the Olivias. Walternate and Walter will have their part as well.

Chris Thomson said...

Good episode, as usual.

Not really sure why the preggers thing is a big issue for the fans. It adds another layer of complexity onto the series arc, which we all know won't be fully resolved anyway. It's about the journey kids, and my BOB, Fringe takes us for a ride.

Now the bad metaphor is out the way, did anyone else fall in love with the Zeppelin station?

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it.


Anonymous said...

I think the baby thing could be pretty interesting. It's hardly turning into a soap opera. I'm sure the Fringe writers know what they are doing!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered artificial insemination.
Fauxlivia had not succeeded in her mission?
When Peter went to AU he was walking when we next saw him he was in bed. Could they have harvested Peter's sperm over there? Olivia was kidnapped and held against her will. Did they remove some of her eggs?

Aline said...

"I think the baby thing could be pretty interesting". I agree. I think Fauxlivia being pregnante can have more impact to the whole show than to Peter-Olivia relationship. The only thing that is bothering me, that is a soup opera kind of thing, is that they can't never finish a conversation. If they want to talk, and they need to, it would be better if they do it when they were off the work, and not in a room full of agents where they could be interrupted at any time? That's why Olivia is always repeating the same question, and can't never let it go.

Anonymous said...

The thing that surprised me most about this episode was not the predictable ending most people saw coming five miles away. It was in showing Faux to be a decent human being, and Walternate as fallible. I'm not quite sure why Faux was written to be so cold and uni- dimensional Over Here? Perhaps her character was not supposed to garner any sympathy in her Mata Hari personna. She was all about being the enemy. Welp, guess I kinda sorta answered my own question.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone saying that this is a soap opera and that they want the freakiness of the first season back? Or people complaining about not liking the alternate universe? It is still Fringe! This show has evolved into pure awesomeness and complexity but it is still the Fringe we all fell in love to from the beginning of season 1. Whether 'over here' or 'over there' and even if there is the love triangle thing going on and now the pregnancy issue, we still get the case of the week (which by the way, this week's case couldn't have been creepier) and the freakiness. It is still Fringe but just better, with more layers and complexity, not just isolated cases.

Anonymous said...

I admit I do miss the old episodes, but I'm still loving Fringe at the moment.

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