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Joshua Jackson: 'Start the campaign' to save 'Fringe'

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Feb 18, 2011 10:49 AM ET
Joshua Jackson: 'Start the campaign' to save ‘Fringe’
by James Hibberd

FoxFans wondering about the fate of Fringe are not alone. Star Joshua Jackson is watching the ratings along with the rest of us. “I’m a positive person in general, but we really need our Fringe fans to tune in and watch us on Fridays,” Jackson tells EW. “We did good when we first moved, but last week we did not have a good week, ratings wise. It is going to take the people that like the show to watch the show and start the campaign and show their support if they want to see us stick around for another season.”

Meanwhile, more data has come in about those ratings from last Friday: The episode’s adult demo climbed 57 percent over the next three days thanks to DVR playback. That’s a lot, and higher than the previous Friday’s Fringe DVR gain, suggesting that more fans are electing to watch the show over the weekend (not enough, however, to change the overall story — numbers still fell when comparing week to week). Still, the data reinforces Jackson’s point: Fans need to watch the show on Fridays.

As for what comes next on the show, Jackson gave us more reasons to tune in …
“Apparently I’m gonna be a dad,” he says. “And it is like the most extreme long-distance relationship, which I am pretty good at as it turns out in real life. My baby mama is in another universe. I think he has to find out, but I don’t know exactly how we’re gonna work that out yet. I have not see the finale script yet or anything. The whole other universe thing and the machine and the war of the two worlds is obviously the end of this season. But you would think they can’t just let the baby thing fall away.”

Jackson also noted the show has gotten “very Romeo and Juliet-ish in” the last couple of weeks but says the show “will go back to some straight Fringeiness very soon.”

“We have been exploring our feelings a lot lately,” he says. “I feel sort of bad for fans of the relationship. The Peter-Olivia supporters have been taken for quite a ride. He wants to be with her, and in his mind it was her. But in her mind, he should have been able to tell the difference. But we get back to some cold hard out-there science stuff soon enough.”

We’re ready for more Fringeiness! Check back on Saturday mornings to see the latest Fringe ratings.

– Carrie Bell contributed to this report
Thanks to b3rt4 for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Which means,

GET OVER YOURSELVES and just watch the show. There is more to this show than some damn baby. Jeez!

Brandon said...

Fringe is an amazing show not matter what they throw at us.
I've been a long time supporter and I am not going anyway.
Fringe FTW!

Unknown said...

Fringe is the best show to come out of Hollyweird in a long time. Although it has gotten a bit "Romeo and Juliet-ish", I'm sure it all has relevance and must be explored. Hang in there fans!

Anonymous said...

People the show is amazing we have to fight back...
I believe he was sincere in his comment…I watch the show live here in Brazil…it airs on Tuesdays on CW….If I were in the USA I would try my best to do the same…I realy love the show and would be very sad if it went away….I have been praying for Fox not to cancel it…and spreading the word on how great the show is…

Anonymous said...

I am going to watch it live this coming Friday, but it won't help because I don't have a ratings box! What else can I do?

Anonymous said...

I would love to watch Fringe live, but I'm not home on Friday nights to watch it. But I have a question: does watching online help in the ratings? Because I usually watch the next day on Hulu, but should i be watching on my DVR? Does it make a difference?

Anonymous said...

We keep getting these encouragements to watch Fringe live or on our DVRs, but let's face it, it all boils down to the few 25,000 homes that have Nielsen boxes or those who send in the quarterly reviews (sweeps). What are we fans who are not in that minority to do?

Dennis said...

Sarah B:
Yes, DVR viewings are WAY better than Hulu, especially if it is the same day, or at least in the first three days.

That's not exactly true. I believe most DVRs report back what has been watched (and if commercials are skipped). That's how they get their "Live + 3-day DVR" numbers.

Anonymous said...

Does streaming it from Fox's website help? That's the only way I can watch Fringe at the moment.

Anonymous said...

please,please please keep fringe,i am from the uk,and i know this show is very very popular with the brits,this show is fantasic,great writing and fantastic please think of the fans.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Hungary, Budapest, and Fringe is the best show in very long time, unfortunately we are able to watch it only a couple days after the original air date, but here there is a very big Fringe fan club. Pleeease keep the show alive!!!!!!! In Europe it's a big big hit!!

Sophia M said...

I've been driving all my non-Fringe friends crazy with my constant Fringe chatter. Even two of the diehard SNP fans agreed to DVR it to watch in the future. How do we reach the decision makers? Does anyone have address for the Fox people in charge? the producers? studio heads? We need to reach the people who really make the decisions.

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