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Fringe Mentioned on The Cleveland Show

      Email Post       2/14/2011 01:36:00 AM      

Fringe got an unusual plug on last night's The Cleveland Show episode A Short Story and a Tall Tale:
There's that hottie Anna Torv from Fringe (Fridays at nine on Fox)
Fringe — it's about space or something.


Xindilini said...

Seth MacFarlane is a fan. :D

fringeobsessed said...

Seth Green has been a big Fringe fan for awhile now. About a year ago FOX did a video promo where FOX stars commented on other FOX shows, and Green was very Fringe-supportive. If I can find it I'll post that vid.

Anonymous said...

So I'm Assuming both Seth Green and Seth MacFarlane are fans of Fringe? rofl

Damian Garcia said...

"it's about space or something."

Haha! Another reason to love Seth MacFarlene.

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