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New City TV(Canadian) Promo for "6B"

      Email Post       2/14/2011 07:12:00 PM      

Check out the latest Canadian Promo for this week's upcoming episode "6B!"
Post your comments below!

My take? It's a kiss-bite-kiss. We'll get some serious Polivia action and then the altbaby news will break. And then the powers that be will try to soothe us afterwards. Think I'm right?


Anonymous said...

Literally just raised my arms in the air and screamed yes! POLIVIA FTW!

Xindilini said...

Whoa! A kiss like that is used to measure a TV series' lifetime, which normally is half way. But unlike other shows, there is a flip side.
Is that a fair assessment?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're probably correct. Fans will be forever baited as far as an enduring romance. I do not think anyone knows how to write committed relationships for TV that will stay fresh and interesting. Soapdom rules.

Anonymous said...


Lostie said...

Whoa, I was not expecting that... but I approve! :)

Blandin said...

Wow!!!! Pleaaaaase!!! We can skip the rest of the week and go straight to friday?!? I can´t wait!!!

Xindilini said...

Wait a minute!
This is not on the CityTV website yet; it must have been from a TV commercial.

Brandon said...

My take, is that POlivia will pick up strong, then Our Olivia becomes Pregnant!
It would add a Twist, plus they have to do something over here to counter that Devil baby Right!

Xindilini said...


fringeobsessed said...

I totally agree with you, Brandon.
Once you get them started there's no turning back, imo. :)

Aline said...

Funny you say that Brando, because is written "altbaby" right below the video. In order to have an "altbaby" that should be a "baby" first, right?

Fringe is making me have all kinds of theories!!

Aline said...

I think it's great that Olivia is making a move, because Peter has feeling for Fauxlivia just because she was the one with whom he had intimacy, or even a real relationship. So, maybe that will show him that our Olivia is just as fun. You go, girl!
That's why I like Olivia so much. She's much more real than Fauxlivia. A girl that's smiling all the time must have some kind of problem!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome can't wait

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