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Fringe Episode 315: Subject 13

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This follow-up to last season’s “Peter” flashback episode revisits a poignant period of time for both the Bishops and Olivia

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the picture of the seahorses on the refrigerator in the kitchen?

Anonymous said...

Interesting episode! I wonder why Peter doesn't remember any of this later on. Maybe Walter found a way to erase his memories, or perhaps something happens with Olivia or one of the other Cortexiphan kids. I mean, neither one of them remember meeting beforehand, you'd think that would stick with them.

Anonymous said...

I think I remember something about Peter always waking up with nightmares during his childhood and Walter giving him something for it.

Anonymous said...

New Theory- Fringe is a Sci-Fi version of Romeo and Juliet. Peter and Olivia shouldn't be together. They are from different worlds. By chance they came together and now cannot be separated and their bond to each other is tearing the universes apart...just like the Merchants feelings for each other in the last episode.
Even though Peter is given the chance to fall in love with almost the exact same girl (some think she is better than our Olivia), he doesn't. The bond between him and our Olivia is too strong. In order to save the worlds, the two of them will have to give each other up or die in each other's arms.

Hey, Joshua said Fringe had been getting very Romeo and Juliet-ish lately. ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you guys see the "watcher" at bishop dynamic?

Ed said...

I think what we thought was the faux-livia in prior episodes, was actually the original olivia from Walters early childhood experiements who crossedover and stayed to avoid her father. I noticed how attached young Peter and Olivia seemed - much like his older version and Faux-livia, than with the Olivia we thought was from this universe all along. That's why they don't seem to be as naturally close as he was with the other Olivia. And the opening.. it seemed maybe we were watching a version of the show from the other universe's side. Hmmmm :-)

Anonymous said...


Hmm, interesting theory. I don't think that's the case however, because our Olivia does remember having an abusive father and was treated with cortexifan whereas Fauxlivia doesn't and wasn't. So I think it's pretty clear that the child in this episode was our Olivia;-)

Anonymous said...

Also I do think that grown up Peter and our Olivia are naturally close - even in season one you can see his attraction to her and affection for her. She may not be as easygoing as Fauxlivia, but there is a definite bond between them.

Anonymous said...

I agree, with the anon above. I think that Peter and Our Olivia have a natural bond. When push comes to shove, they do anything for each other.

Anonymous said...

...about the natural bond between Peter and our Olivia, we saw that powerfully when Peter had the allergic reaction to the brain-cell growing supplement Walter put into the milk -- this was during the very tense period when she learned about Fauxlivia -- she called Walter in a severe panic, terrified she might lose him.

Old Darth said...

Really hope that Peter and Olivia will be allowed to recover their memories of their first meeting.

Anonymous said...

Yes! What's up with their not being able to remember meeting each other in Jacksonville? After all it was a pretty intense meeting -- Walter described Peter's reaction as "The beguiling Olivia Dunham beguiles...", and Olivia was completely freaked out by unexpectedly starting that fire during Walter's "fear" experiment....Peter comforted her in the "tulip zone", encouraging her to clue Dr. Walter in on the abuse...which she did, except it was none other than Walternate, oops. I'm guessing they can't remember this due to further experimentation. Hopefully William Bell didn't chop out parts of their brains like he later did to Walter, "because of what he was becoming...." And what was THAT?!

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