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New Cast Interview - The Triangle

      Email Post       2/09/2011 04:57:00 PM      

TVGuide has released a new interview with the cast, where they talk about Peter's decision and who he should choose, Olivia or BitchLivia.


fringeobsessed said...

If Peter Bishop chooses to be with a woman who lied to him in all aspects(not just to get him to return to the US)from the very first second, then I will walk away from this show.

Brandon said...

I really, really hope Fringe doesn't bring out the whole Baby Story!!
Please Don't go down that path, or if you do make it right and Stay on top of Fringe and don't turn into a Soap Opera

Fringie said...

I agree, it would be pretty lame if Peter ended up choosing Folivia. She's lied to him and the others of the Fringe Team to the fullest extend. However, I think we've got to remember what it's like to be in love.

Even though someone may have lied to you or hurt you, it's not always so easy to quit loving them. I still think Peter will have the strength to realize all that Folivia did to him and friends was wrong, even IF he still has feelings for her.

Anonymous said...

Issue resoled: Peter will not choose either Olivia but will fall madly in love with another character yet to be introduced.

All you people are whack. Have any of you ever employed ration\al thought? Sure doesn't sound like it. Nothing but blatant emotionalism like a bunch of Born-Againers at a T.D. Jakes conference!

Matthew from the Fringe

Anonymous said...

But what is this show all about ? I thought it was a sci-fi show, Who decided to change Fringe into such a soapy common and ridiculus thing, woefull really... Our univers suvival depends on what, oh ! Peter's choice, does he like blonds or does he prefer red hair !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sho' nuf hoping the show will not devolve into a sloppy soap fest. And, to all you rabid shippers out there who were begging and whining and wanting assurances from the producers that the PO thang would get its groove on...Be Careful What You Wish For. The boys in charge don't want fans to dictate to them which direction the show takes. They're getting their sweet revenge now, aren't they?

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