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Fringe 314 Reviews Roundup: 6B

      Email Post       2/22/2011 11:24:00 PM      

Here are some reviews from around the web, in no particular order, for the Fringe episode 6B:
Are there any review we should add? Post them in the comments. Have any favorite reviews? Let us know!


Anonymous said...

Fringe become way too much romantical..

Anonymous said...

Karl Withakay does Fringe deconstruction reviews & has said that he would welcome a link to your site: Cordial Deconstruction
Observations from our shared single objective reality in a materialistic, naturalistic, & macro-deterministic universe:

Anonymous said...

Television without Pity Fringe recaps:

Anonymous said...

Fringe reviews by Roco at Fringe Bloggers:

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