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'Fringe,' 'Human Target' Renewal Chances

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Feb 16, 2011 12:49 AM ET
Fox on 'Fringe,' 'Human Target' renewal chances
by James Hibberd

How does Fox feel about Fringe’s performance on Friday so far? Quite enthusiastic.

“I’m so psyched about it,” says Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly. “It does go to show you the loyalty of the genre audience, when you get the right show. I’m so grateful to that audience, I’d like to shake their hands. We have a lot of passion for that show here.”

Now, this interview was just before last Friday’s second-in-row dip, but most other shows also fell that night and one rating does not a reputation make. As for Human Target ….
“We have some decisions to make about that,” Reilly says, “and Lie to Me as well. These shows are not being rejected. They’re doing a consistent and solid number. There are networks that would be happy to take those shows. We have to look at our shelf space.”

Translation: We’re going to decide about Human Target and Lie after we see our pilots for next fall. But keep in mind, Fox only programs two hours a night, so that’s a pretty crowded shelf….


Anonymous said...

I love Fringe,it's the Best show out there right now.You cancel it you'll loose alot of fans for Fox!

KHAIMANG said...

The best sci-fi show to come down the pike in many a year; and I'm very hard to please!

Charissa said...

Fringe is the most awesome show I have ever watched. I have never been addicted to any 1 series in my life - as I'm not really a TV kind of person. but when I started watching Fringe, I fell in love with it. It's not your typical feel-good kind of show, or a reality show, but a instead a show with a COOL story, with something new every episode which all links up to a much bigger story, a new revelation every time, things you wouldn't expect - why wouldn't you want to watch more?? :)

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