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New Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson Photos by Kharen Hill

      Email Post       2/01/2011 08:01:00 PM      

Need something to lighten your mood if you're in the stormy part of the country tonight?
Check out these beautiful new photos of Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv that just surfaced on the internet in the last few hours.

The photos were taken by world-renowned journalistic photographer Kharen Hill, who is currently based out of Los Angeles and, you guessed it, Vancouver.
You can find her bio and webpage in the link below. It's amazing how she can make Anna and Josh in black look even better than usual. Keep your fingers crossed that perhaps some combination Peter/Olivia photos from this photoshoot will show up on the internet soon! under 'info' for bio)


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious: can Joshua Jackson with a smirk on his face look any hotter?

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