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Vote for Fringe To Be In Spoiler TV Banner

      Email Post       2/16/2011 11:07:00 AM      

Spoiler TV is redesigning their banner, and they are letting fans decide which shows will make the cut. Anna Torv is in the current banner, so it would be great to keep Fringe there.

The voting will be done via Twitter. In order to place you vote, you have to click the Fringe twitter link and let the link post EXACTLY what it says to Twitter. According to the rules, you can not add or delete anything from the tweet, or it will not be counted (along with 500 or so Lie To Me votes...)

The voting runs for 3 or 4 days (not very exact, I know), click on the Twitter link above or head over to SpoilerTV asap!

UPDATE: It appears you ARE allowed to vote multiple times, as long as you follow the rule above and post the exact tweet provided by SpoilerTV. The only limiting factor is that Twitter limits duplicated posts to once every few hours. So feel free to vote as many times for Fringe as Twitter will allow you!


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