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Fringe Early Buzz: "Subject 13"

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Here is the early buzz on tonight's Fringe episode "Subject 13":

Entertainment Weekly: Ken Tucker
Tonight’s Fringe is a do-not-miss, revelatory episode, crossing time and space and allowing us to see Olivia and Peter as children. The hour is crammed with references to previous episodes while adding a great deal of vivid detail to the series’ fundamental relationships between Walter, Olivia, Peter, and Walter’s wife, Elizabeth.

I don’t want to write anything more, lest I give something away about the episode called “Subject 13.” But how much more strongly can I say this? Don’t miss it!

Entertainment Weekly: Sandra Gonzales
Hardcore Fringe fans will agree that season 2′s “Peter” was hands up, down, and all-around one of the best hours of the series. The great news is that tonight’s follow-up episode, “Subject 13″ (which references the test subject number assigned to young Olivia), will rank right up there with it.

Montreal Gazette:
"Subject 13" showcases Torv, Noble and Jackson's performing abilities in ways sci-fi serial dramas rarely try. In the tradition of such dramas, the episode answers some questions while raising others, and is both effective and affecting as a mystery. It's accessible to the casual, occasional viewer, but won't upset or annoy the diehard fan.

TV Fanatic:
Simply put, Fringe fans, you must tune in to tonight's episode.


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