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Tweet-along with Fringe Executive Producers During "Subject 13"

      Email Post       2/24/2011 06:57:00 PM      

The LIVE Tweet-along event will take place on this Fringe, February 25th, during both east and west coast feeds of the Fringe episode "Subject 13". Fringe Executive Producers Jeff Pinkner (@JPFringe) and J.H. Wyman (@JWFringe) will "join you to share insider info and answer questions from Fringe fans. It's almost like communicating with the alternate universe. Only cooler."

During the last Tweet-Along event with John Noble, you could submit you questions using the #FringeLiveTweet tag. I suspect it will probably work the same way this time as well, but be sure to check back here or at tomorrow for the full details.

UPDATE: The event has already changed. Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman will only be available during the east coast feed, and replacing them for the west coast feed will be Jasika Nicole!


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