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What Would You Ask Fringe's Pinkner & Wyman?

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Tomorrow afternoon, we'll get the chance to chat with Fringe executive producers Jeff Pinkner & J.H. Wyman. It is a conference call interview, so we may only get to ask one or two questions (if any!), but we still want to know - What would you ask Pinkner & Wyman?

Submit your questions in the comments by noon tomorrow, and we'll try to include as many as we can! 


Anonymous said...

Rather than asking a question, I would just ask them if they are really going to reduce the fascinating mythology of Fringe and all its possibilities to a love triangle.

Also, do they feel there is a strong possibility of getting renewed for a 4th season? If so, will this be the final one so that they can make sure we get a proper ending as the show deserves or will they continue writing with the original 5 season plan in mind???

Anonymous said...

If the series doesn't get picked up for a 4th season by FOX, are there other networks that might be interested in picking it up?

Anonymous said...

"Rather than asking a question, I would just ask them if they are really going to reduce the fascinating mythology of Fringe and all its possibilities to a love triangle. "

I agree wholeheartedly. My question would be about the decision to make the final episode (whenver it is) about Peter and Olivia's relationship.

Wasn't Olivia supposed to be our kick-ass super-agent against the other universe? Why could she set buildings on fire when she was young, but now falls to pieces over Peter's affection? Remember when she was actually a believable character? She's know Peter for how long now, but makes more of a stink about him than the death of her original partner.

Pat said...

Hi All:

Great job the effort that is made on this show. It is an incredible story.

My question is If William Bell is going to appear as a flashback or some type of miracle return?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is any chance to see a reunion between Lincoln (Over There) and Olivia.

Anonymous said...

To clear things up:
Peter's STATE OF MIND is what determines which universe will be saved, and which will be destroyed.
He will obviously want to save the universe of the woman he loves.
Therefore, the fate of the universe is dependent on who he loves.
A=B, B=C, C=A
Other factors can come into play. For example, if Peter really hates Walternate, but loves Olivia, Walter, and...Gene, then he will be more inclined to our universe. However, if Walter does something that Peter begins to hate him for and Olivia isn't willing to try to fix their relationship, but Bolivia is all "love you and I gots a vagenda", then we're the ones in trouble.

Cerulean said...

Does Peter know the extent of what Olivia went through during her time in the Red Universe (the drugging, the torture, the almost-dissection, etc.)?
Will Bolivia's memories in Olivia's head have an important role in one/multiple future episodes?
Is Peter connected to the machine on this side, the machine on the other side, or both?
Will Peter's connection with the machine/the machines power over him have an effect on his relationship with Olivia?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Olivia's character got lost somehow, and I'm disappointed. She's becoming weak and ineffectual and a whipping girl for the Bishops. I thought the show was going to focus on her and her alleged evolving super abilities, but the writers have leaned toward Peter being the power source that holds the fate of the universes. If I were to turn this into a question, it'd be:
"WTF happened to Olivia's buildup of being Guardian of the Universe?

Anonymous said...

I'd ask them if they happen to get any fan feedback from prominent Fringe fan sites....

fringeobsessed said...

1. Will we see more of Dark Peter?

2. Will we see Alter John Scott in Season 3 or 4(if we get a Season 4)?

3. There's alot of different writers for the episodes, ie. hardly anyone is writing more than 1 episode this season unlike in Seasons 1 and 2. Aren't you worried about maintaining continuity in the show with so many different writers?

4. How much is Akiva Goldsman contributing to the writing of the Season 3 episodes?

5. Will we ever learn how Lincoln Lee recognized our Nick Lane?

6. Will we ever learn more about the Northwoods Group? Were they the group of people seen at the beginning of 1.02?

7. The Polivia shippers have been taking a beating since 'Jacksonville.' Is there anything positive you can say to them right now?

8. Will we get a resolution tomorrow night regarding the disturbing FauxLivia rumor that surfaced about 4 weeks ago? If it's true, how are you going to keep loyal fans who are fed up with the newly-developed 'soapyness' from turning away?

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...

Who made Peter God or is he the devil?

Anonymous said...

Does Olivia still have all of Fauxlivia's memories? Will this be addressed in future episodes?

Does Olivia still have Fauxlivia's tattoo on the back of her neck?

S4S said...
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Anonymous said...

What I want to know is: If "our" William Bell went to "their" side, where is "their" William Bell? I don't think that's ever been answered. Forgive me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Amy Jessup? Will this seemingly abandoned story arc ever be picked up again in later seasons?

Anonymous said...

Will there be another episode where our universe's main characters cross over?

Will our Olivia, Fauxlivia, and Peter meet up face to face?

What about the third universe? Hints, comments, snide remarks?

What about Olivia's real father?

Why is Olivia the strongest of the cortexiphan kids?

Anonymous said...

Will Walter regain his entire intellectual capabilities?

Anonymous said...

What's the significance of the tattoo on Fauxlivia/Olivia's neck and Frank's back?

Tankadin said...

When are we going to find out that the whole show takes place in Olivia's mind while in the tank?

Anonymous said...

Are we ever going to get an episode that centers on Peter and his feelings?

Is there a point to this Peter character assassination or do you hate Josh that much?

Anonymous said...

My question is: Will our Olivia come back to the other side? what about Peter, will he?

Anonymous said...

To what extent we should be suspicious of Sam?

Anonymous said...

Talk about obsession. People relax, i'm sure they will work it out. Many of the above questions have already been answered. Pay attention or watch it 2 or 3 times like I do!

I am with 'anonymous' #10 - will Special Agent AMY JESSUP be returning?
I really liked her.
Matthew from the Fringe
Get-to- Medical: Over there William Bell is dead. Over here WB said so when asked by Walter I believe.

Anonymous said...

A hint regarding Sam Weiss? Please?

fdg said...


Anonymous said...

We know Walternate told Alt-Broyles he has a larger laboratory" (hope I'm remembering this right) and we know he knows the Cortixiphan was in Olivia's system since she was a child so he must know he needs a child to experiment on. Is this his next move? Is little innocent Ella going to be his target? Or alt-Christopher Broyles? Please say it ain't so!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did you destroy the beloved caracters that made Fringe so unique, On top of that it's getting soapy, if you can't manage to keep viewers interest without using this unresolved sexual tension, it's a pity and defintely no longer a sci-fi show, what a lack of imagination. Could you explain us the evil temptress cliche, is that really creative ? Do you care about Fringe fans who can feel kind of betrayed and regret that they ever started to watch this show.

Anonymous said...

1) Why did you reduce the Peter-machine-FirstPeople's relation just to a love triangle? I think it could be fine if there was a sci-fi or scientific solution too. (Something that involve more Walter's abilities and Cortexiphan and other Walter and William's experiments) Even if i think Sam's explanation about Peter and the machine was reductive and cryptic.
2)I know feelings and emotions are very important in the show, but don't you think Olivia is losing the characteristics that made her one of the best characters of all tv shows? I love the strong and tortured Olivia. I miss her relationship with her nephew Ella.
3) Are we going to explore much more the world of the Observers? The idea of time-travel? Was the bald kid found in season 1 a baby-Observer that he may have become the one who was with September, August and December in the ep. 2x08?
4) At the end of season 2, Walter explained that the abilities that Cortexiphan helps to come out were once into everyone, but something or someone turned them off. He supposed they were aliens...so is it possible that Walter's theory is almost right because First People might have turned off these ability for trying to avoid the use of the machine if someone had had the capability to travel between universes? Are we going to know something more about The First People and Sam Weiss?
5) Are we going to hear about ZFT again? What about The Beacon?
6) I read that "Entrada" was the end of a big chapter, how many other chapters will we have?
7) What is the real explanation why our side is degrading more slowly than the other side?
8) How will Walter and Peter deal with the influence of the machine to him?

There are too many unresolved and amazing things on Fringe that we definitely need other seasons! Anyway, I really hope Peter ends up with our Olivia. I loved their relationship through seasons and come on, she went to a parallel universe and she got trapped there to save him! ;)

fringeobsessed said...

In the "Triangle" video you released this week, Joshua Jackson says:

" It's not good. Peter is lying to Olivia from
the moment she gets back."

Really? Isn't that an exaggeration? You mean to tell me when Olivia opened her eyes and he told her he was sorry, that THAT was a lie also?
I thought maybe Peter started lying in 'Reciprocity,' as soon as he stepped into the room with the machine...

Anonymous said...

My question: If the show is not renewed, is there any chance you will continue the intended storyline through comic books or novels?

fringeobsessed said...

In an interview you two had weeks ago someone in the media asked if you would ever do an animated episode of Fringe, and you answered, "Hold that thought." Can you update us on the possibility that it will happen?

Anonymous said...

1- What did happen with the "cortexiphan companions" that were with Olivia to over there?

2- What is the INTREPUS and its knowledge about the people affected by cortexiphan?

Anonymous said...

There really is only one question: Will there be a season 4?

Anonymous said...

The only show on TV realy worth watching but the move to Friday Night is killing me !!!!!!!! I do not have a DVR (don't want one just for one show). Friday night is the hardest nigt to watch (I pray it does not hurt the show) can we do anything about it ?
After Idle ....move Idle back to TUE/WED ....just to change Idle up a bit is not worth hurting Fringe or its followers.
Dennis (skydoga6@hotmail.com)

Dennis said...

Dennis, If you can't watch on Friday nights, the episodes are rerun on Saturday nights at 11:00pm. Or, you can also watch it for free online in the Fringe Episodes section, Fox.com/Fringe, or Hulu.com/Fringe.

Anonymous said...

What if the other universe did not really exist until Walter constructed the cross-over device when he decided to retrieve Alt-Peter? What if he only saw through the Magic Looking Glass one possible other universe which was only virtual, and was made real by his shattering of the boundary of our universe as we know it? This would explain why our universe is scheduled, by the producers, to begin getting the shakes, and why the Other Side has been in much worse shape "from the beginning", so to speak -- since it is only a split and incomplete version of This Side -- and so many of the show's characters seem depleted or anguished due to the Original Split. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Q: Many think that Olivia is being treated unfairly by Peter which in turn is bringing her to a breaking point. Is there going to be a resolve of some sort by the end of the season to put her out of her misery?

Anonymous said...

Question: Will we see a version of Frank on this side of the universe?

Anonymous said...

Q: Nobody wants Olivia to be 2nd choice. The fact that Peter is even having doubts over his decision is enough to make us want to see Olivia move on and be with someone else.

Gosh! Don't turn Olivia into a moping wreck. That's not her.

mack said...

Q1: what happened to Rachel and Ella, will we ever see them again?
Q2: Can you tell us something about our world's Lincol Lee who is appearing in an upcoming episode?
Q3: Allot of fans love the character Frank, will the Blue world's Frank be making an appearance?
Q4: Will Olivia get a love interest now that Peter has feelings for someone else?

Anonymous said...

Q1: What happened to Rachel and Ella, will we ever see them again?

Q2: Can you tell us something about our wold's Lincoln Lee who we will see in an upcoming episode?

Q3: Allot of the fans love the character of Frank, will we see his doppleganger in our world?

Q4: Will Olivia have a new love interest now that Peter's feelings are with BOlivia?

Anonymous said...

It's not just about a love triangle! Like Anna Torv said in a previous interview (posted a few posts below this one) it's about where Peter's heart want's to be! It's not just about Olivia, but she's a crucial factor in Peters decision which universe he likes more.

Anonymous said...

Love triangle and where Peter's heart want's to be is the same, it wouldn't pop the question if the love triangle doesn't exist !

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