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Fringe Photo Gallery: "Subject 13" Screenshots

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HD screenshots of Fringe episode Subject 13 are now available at

These screen caps have all been randomly selected, so if there's something that might be missing, you can request a specific Fringe screenshot in the Fringe Easter Eggs section.

Promotional photos for Subject 13 are also available at


Dan said...

Did anyone else notice the episode was blurry? I downloaded it on iTunes in HD - twice and suspect there was a '80's haze' on the entire episode. I'm ok with VHS tape lines flashing on screen, but to make the entire episode look foggy is over-cooking it a bit.
Did anyone else notice or do I need to get my eyes checked??

Hannah said...

Dan, Your not seeing things, it was blurry... I called it double vision because that's how it felt to me and some other fans noticed it to. I have a reasoning for it.

When they do redverse episodes (over there) they do them so its like your someone from that side watching them: ex: title sequence with things that they'd be studying as apose to the blueverse with different things. Because we in the blueverese are interested in other things.

anyway my theory is that they are just doing the same with these... The title is 80s and the whole episode is as if it was produced in the 80s... thinking it like that... as wierd as it is on the eyes.... Its kinda cool :-)

Ps. Anyone else notice that in the picture of Olivia and Peter she got them reversed, I don't know if its just me or actually something, but Peter was on the left in the field and her on the right. Not how she drew it.

Anonymous said...

Great episode, need to watch many more times. I thought too I need to wear my glasses. It kind of gave the episode a different feeling, not in a bad way. Chris

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hannah, she's spot on about why the imaging resolution is so soft -- back in 1985 what was the best commercially available screen quality for broadcast? I think it might have barely reached 300i --

Anonymous said...

Watch it again - you are wrong about the picture. This is how it is in the episode.
To everyone else, wasn't blurry on my HD TV so I don't know maybe it was a bad broadcast.

Matthew From The FRINGE

Dennis said...

The episode was definitely blurry. I believe it was intentional to give it a "vintage" look.

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