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Why you can’t miss tonight’s episode of Fringe

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Entertainment Weekly's Inside TV is declaring tonight's Fringe episode "Immortality" a game-changer:
To say that tonight’s episode of Fringe contains game-changing developments would be an offending understatement. The Peter-less episode, which takes place entirely “over there,” will show the alt-team working to crack a rather disgusting case about bugs; Walternate taking a major step in his campaign to be the most evil person in the world; a spark of a possible new romance; a proposal; and (most importantly) tonight’s episode directly addresses a major rumored plot twist that’s been floating around the fandom. All I can say is that what transpires will rock your world here and “over there.” (P.S. Please don’t cancel this show, TV Gods.)


xinpheld said...

Fauxlivia is pregnant, I just know it.

Brandon said...

Does this mean that Fauxlivia is Pregnant? Then again, we knew this for sometime now right.
I Hope Fringe doesn't turn into a Soap Opera

Anonymous said...

Our Olivia is pregnant after being artificially inseminated over there while she was captured?

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