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Fringe Now: Alternate Universe Articles - Smiley

      Email Post       2/23/2011 10:06:00 AM      

The Fox "Fringe Now" website has a new "Alternate Universe Article", which shows a news article from the Red universe, on one of those ubiquitous tablet devices.

The article is titled "Smiley - The saber-toothed tiger has been genetically resurrected.":
The New San Diego Zoo is creating a habitat for "Smiley," the first genetically resurrected saber-toothed tiger. Smilodon fatalis, which thrived in the Pleistocene epoch over 12,000 years ago, will be available for public view later this year. The zoo hopes it will be joined by an American mastodon by 2014.
It's interesting to note that the zoo is in "new" San Diego, implying something happened to the old one. It was likely destroyed when half of California went missing.


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