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Happy Valentine's Day Video From 'Fringe'

      Email Post       2/12/2011 05:55:00 PM      

FOX Broadcasting has sent Fringe fans a Valentine's Day video.

So what do you think of it? (Personally, I would have preferred a P/O composite vid.)


rpvee said...

I knew this was gonna be sarcastically hilarious. How right I was. :D

Lostie said...

thanks for rubbing it in, FOX. lol

Monika said...

Loved it, when I watched it yesterday, I had my most light-hearted moment of a very crazy learning day...

Xindilini said...

Perfect timing.
Frank, come back...
Unfortunately for you, there wasn't enough P/O moments to make it in the cut.

Christopher said...

At least somebody sees through Fauxlivia! She's quite the conniving opportunist. Love that her comeuppance with Frank is the Valentine.

The idea that anyone except for that girly-man, Lincoln, could prefer her over Olivia is a real stretch.

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