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Akiva Goldsman Tells A 'Winter's Tale'

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And speaking of the book 'Winter's Tale' in Dennis' post below, this may be why we saw it in 'Subject 13.'
I Googled 'Winter's Tale' and found this article.
Fringe's consulting producer(and writer) Akiva Goldsman will start directing the shooting of a movie form of 'Winter's Tale' in 2012.

Akiva Goldsman Tells A ‘Winter’s Tale'

To many, Akiva Goldsman is akin to a cinematic antichrist, for having written such screen duds as Lost in Space and Batman and Robin. To others however, he is an Oscar winning screenwriter (Best Adapted Screenplay for A Beautiful Mind) whose films, as a writer, have grossed an average of $122 million at the US box office. Factor in that he’s also a successful producer and you can see why Hollywood likes doing business with the man.

Goldsman is now set to expanding his resume even more by making his feature film directing debut with a big screen adaptation of Mark Helprin’s 1983 fantasy novel, Winter’s Tale.
Winter’s Tale (which Goldsman will also write) has a budget set at a substantial $75 million and it is due to start shooting in 2012,
once the writer has finished working …


kimbari said...

Okay, just for the record, I LOVED Lost in Space.

lindsay said...

How the hell are they going to adapt Winter's Tale? It doesn't seem like it'll translate well to film at all, but maybe that's just me... as far as Helprin goes, "Freddy and Fredericka" probably would have been a safer bet

timothyganderson said...

Look at the eerie parallels between the Helprin novel and "Subject 13-"

A character named Peter Lake, who in the midst of an apocalyptic event in New York, surrenders his own life so that a young girl may be resurrected, and thus change the world. Another character who seeks to breech a "cloud wall," in doing so bringing about the end of the world,yet returning the dead and restoring Justice to a New York City that is much like ours, yet still much different. A group of characters who know of an angelic creature crucial to the redemption and salvation of Peter, yet remain largely passive in the dramatic structure-much like the Observers. Anyone else notice this?

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