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News Update: Abrams and Jackson, Kurtzman and Orci

      Email Post       9/08/2008 01:12:00 AM      

MovieWeb - J.J. Abrams and Joshua Jackson Talk Fringe:

Did you purposely, were you staying away with the purpose for the last five years of not wanting to go back to TV and try to define yourself as not that character you had played? Or was it with intent or just happenstance, I guess is my question.

Joshua Jackson: There was some purpose in that TV is exhausting. It takes a little while to recover, but I don't know. It's hard to say. I try not to live my life as much as possible defining myself against something. So I wasn't really too worried about coming back and being labeled as "Pacey" or as that guy from Dawson's Creek because that's really an actor's job. If I get labeled as that, it's probably because I'm not good enough to define myself as something else. So I wasn't purposely running from that, but I certainly wasn't looking ....

Can you tell us who is playing her boss and how soon we might see him?

J.J. Abrams: I can't tell you that yet, but I can tell you that you will definitely meet him, he'll definitely be a featured part of the show. We want to make sure that when you meet him it's something you're hungry for, as opposed to something that you're just experiencing. So the way it's going to happen, which will happen over time, but by the end of the first season you'll meet "William Bell."

Underwire - Two-Headed Brain Trust Injects Fear Into Fringe: Mythology arcs are tricky to pull off. When it works on shows like The X-Files or Lost, or Heroes during its first season, audiences get hooked. But if the serialized story line gets too dense, you risk alienating the fans. How much mythology are you building into Fringe?

Kurtzman: Each episode will be close-ended with beginning, middle and end. If you miss an episode or two or even three, you can come in and catch up immediately. That's our mandate. We are also going to dole out little bits of the mystery over the course of a long period of time.

Orci: Our ambition was to create a new formula based on where we tend to err, which is to be overly complicated, and what we tend not to have that much of an instinct for, which is classic procedural storytelling. We're trying to crash those two sensibilities together and see if we can find the tightrope that is not on TV right now.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad we'll be meeting William Bell at somepoint. I had wondered whether he'd play a LOSTesque 'Alvar Hanso' role and never make an actual appearance, other than in grainy video footage or the comics. ;)

tallone said...

Yeah there could be a whole other back story about the formation of MD,the relationship of William Bell and Walter Bishop.

Dennis said...

D-roc... I was thinking more like Thomas Mittlewerk...

tallone said...

Oh that would be cool "William Bell" like "Thomas Mittlework". Cool, evil lurks behind the scenes.

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