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Fringe Trivia Quiz: Episode 1

      Email Post       9/10/2008 01:27:00 PM      

I have created a simple Fringe trivia quiz, for the Pilot episode. Leave a message in the comments on what your score was, or you can even post your own Fringe quiz.

Fringe Trivia Quiz: Episode 1 - Pilot


Anonymous said...

one wrong..and I did know Broyles was FBI so why did I answer CIA!!

Dennis said...

Nope, not FBI either :)

Anonymous said...

I thought he was DHS.

Anonymous said...

90 here. Was it the apple?

Anonymous said...

Oops! DHS = Dept. of Homeland Security? I'm from the UK, I must try harder!

Mandy said...


I must be going crazy. ;)

Unknown said...

100 here! Too much Fringe for me. It's taking over my life. But that's what "they" want, right?

PJ said...

90% I missed DHS...stupid me

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