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The magic of House rubbed off on the second airing of Fox’s Fringe as it soared to an average audience of 13.363 million viewers (almost 50% above its premiere of ~9 million), an 18-49 demo rating of 5.2 and an 18-34 demo rating of 4.5. -- TVbytheNumbers
Question: Fringe was so awesome! Got any scoop? -- Olivia
Ausiello: You betcha. The show is already beefing up its cast, adding to the roster an as-yet-unchosen actor to play the recurring role of Ian Spencer, a twenty-to-thirtysomething hipster whose forensics expertise comes in handy on tough cases. Not sure if his sense of humor helps, too, but hey, can't hurt, right? -- EW
Speaking of the cast, keep an eye out for creepy bald guy.


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