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News Update: J.J. Abrams, Blair Brown & Remote Free TV

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Advertising Age - 'Remote-Free TV' Debuts With Fox's 'Fringe':

Fox's gambit will let the method stand for an entire season's run of programs. A mock "Remote-Free TV" version of "Fringe" reviewed by Advertising Age doesn't break for an ad until the episode runs for 16 minutes. Only one ad appears. The next break comes at 32 minutes into the program, with two ads. A third break, at 39 minutes, contains two ads and a single promo for a Fox show. Breaks grow more frequent the longer the show goes on; presumably, viewers who have stuck with the plot this deep into the episode will want to stick around and see how the stories end. No ad break contains more than two commercials.

More... - Five Questions for 'Fringe' Creator JJ Abrams: Can you shed some light on Blair Brown’s character [Nina Sharp]?

J.J. Abrams: In the shows that we’ve been working on since the pilot, too, the question of sort of, you know, is she to be trusted? Is she good or bad? She’s sort of the kind of like guru character. She is sort of this amazing font of information and I think that the fun about who she is and what she is obviously will reveal itself as the show goes on, but what I love is the ambiguity of her character, that you think from the beginning this Massive Dynamic company sort of looks like, oh, it’s the big bad conspiracy company, but you start to get a different taste of that as the thing goes on.



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