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Fringe Dwellers Podcast: Episode 2

      Email Post       9/08/2008 12:12:00 PM      

In the second "mini" episode of the Fringe Dwellers Podcast, Jen and Adele discuss their new affiliation with, the Fringe comics, the Fringe Wiki, and the importance of ratings for Fringe's premiere, and what you can do to help make Fringe a success.

This weeks music is by Aussie Roadster.

Listen now:

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If you have a comment or question for Jen & Adele, you can email them at You can also leave a voicemail for them at (206) 333-0072.

BTW, we have added a Podcast tab at the top, which will link you directly to all the Fringe Dwellers podcast.


Anonymous said...

I love this podcast!

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