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Fringe Digest: A Summary Of What You Might Have Missed?

      Email Post       9/10/2008 06:39:00 PM      

Video: BuddyTV's Fringe set visit with Jasika Nicole.

Free Stuff: NiceGirlsTV is giving away Fringe swag from their Comic-Con visit. All you have to do is leave a comment.

Fringe Pilot Encore: "On Sunday, Sept. 14 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) FOX presents a Sunday night like no other. The evening kicks off with an exclusive first look at an extended scene from the highly anticipated film “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” followed by a preview of 24: REDEMPTION, the two-hour special event airing this November on FOX. Immediately after the exclusive previews, the series premiere of FRINGE will encore, followed by an exclusive preview of the not-to-be-missed, heart-pounding first four minutes of the series’ second episode."

Viral: went live and it's HUGE.

A screencap from the Pilot reveals a new viral website,, and it's HUGE too.

...speaking of Easter Eggs: There's more where that came from.

More Free Stuff: In case you missed the Pilot, it is available in HD at Fox On Demand.

The Reviews: Speak for themselves.

The Ratings: TV By The Numbers - "The premiere of Fox’s Fringe averaged 9 million viewers and a demo adults 18-49 rating of 3.2 to lead Fox to a nightly 18-49 demo win with an average demo rating of 2.9 and the 18-34 demo win with an average rating of 2.4. Some posters in our earlier thread expressed disappointment in those numbers, but I think Fringe’s permanent 9PM home following House will likely boost its numbers starting next week. Update: The Fringe 30 minute breakdown is below and it did build its audience through the show." More...

Did we miss anything?


Edward said...

Looks like Fringe killed up north.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if we will be seeing the show on iTunes. I do not watch TV at home much and when I do have the chance to see a show I do not always have an internet connection. iTunes has given life to a number of shows. I hope FOX does not snub us iTunes users.

Anonymous said...

This show is the BOMB! Better than X-Files... sorry X-Filers, I was an X-File fan too. This show is all that mixed with Resident Evil and Twilight Zone! The pace is awesome, which is one up on X-Files too. It also carries with it fascinating characters which are reminiscent of Blade Runner and Minority Report. The pace is major motion picture, but made for t.v.!? It's definetly removed from average night time television.

Edward said...

Anon: iTunes? Yes.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people use airplanes in their storylines and don't know the "real" story behind the airline scene. I am a flight attendant and that opening scene is just ridiculous. A pilot will NEVER open the flight deck door (the door which leads to where the pilots are) if something is going on in the cabin (where the passengers are seated). Even if there was a hijacker on the airplane and the pilots or at least one of them, has a gun (some pilots are FFDO's aka Federal Flight Deck Officers) because they are authorized and trained to carry and use a gun inside the flight deck, they won't open the door. Trust me, I am a flight attendant and we learned that in training. So yes, if there is a hijacker or treat on board the aircraft and the pilot(s) are carrying a gun, it has no use because they won't open the door to the flight deck, regardless.

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