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Site News: Watching Fringe Online and New Feed Options

      Email Post       9/22/2008 12:49:00 PM      

Dear Subscribers: Please be aware that we have updated our subscription options. As Fringe Television has grown--and longtime readers will tell you, we've grown quite a bit--so have the number of feeds. To address this growing complexity we have added two new combined feeds--one with spoilers and one without--and created a syndication page with a list of all the available subscription options.

Dear Viewers: If you haven't joined us over at Fringe Episodes for our weekly watercooler discussions of Fringe, it's not/never too late now that in addition to talking about each episode with fellow fans, you can watch each episode as well. In other words, watch episodes of Fringe anytime you want (and for free) and right where your fellow fans are watching and talking about them too. It's a virtual viewing party.


tallone said...

Nice job! Looks great!

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