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Fringe Dwellers Podcast: Episode 3

      Email Post       9/14/2008 08:46:00 PM      

In the third episode of the Fringe Dwellers Podcast, Adele and Jen get their hands dirty delving into the mysteries of the Fringe Pilot. We discuss the gruesome teaser, cast chemistry, changes from the leaked to televised versions and the cow. We also read the emails and voicemails from our listeners.

Listen now:

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If you have a comment or question for Adele & Jen, you can email them at You can also leave a voicemail for them at (206) 333-0072.

BTW, we have added a Podcast tab at the top, which will link you directly to all the Fringe Dwellers podcasts and Official Fringe Podcasts.


Anonymous said...

Waynes take on Fringe is way better

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Anonymous said...

I still think this show is a lot like the X-Files, so Jen's comparison's are sound and interesting. That's the only reason I really got into this show in the first place... though now I'm in it completely for the characters. ^_^

And I think Joshua and Olivia have PHENOMENAL chemistry. Even if the stories get outlandish and unrealistic, I'll stick with it to see what becomes of them.

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