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BBC Interview: JJ Abrams on Fringe Clues

      Email Post       9/19/2008 04:28:00 PM      

In what might be the longest JJ Abrams interview ever, BBC's Chris Moyles talked to JJ Abrams about Fringe, Star Trek, Lost, Cloverfield, and Monster Plane.

JJ confirms that there are clues in each episode that we should be watching for:
Q: You talked about Cloverfield and all the little clues, I'd like to know with Fringe if are you going to be doing the same for the series.

JJ: Yes, there are odd little clues on the show, there are these commercial breaks, there these odd little icons that come up

Q: Apples, and hands and things?

JJ: Apples and hands. And those all have certain weird meanings. There are little clues in every episode, about the next episode. So if you watch, it doesn't matter... you don't have to find them, but people like me, I'm obsessed with this crap.
JJ's other word of advice "Look out for an observer". Maybe this guy?

We have already seen that the Pen Rose rebus clue from Pilot was a hint at Dr. Penrose in The Same Old Story. What do you think will be the hint for next week?

* Thanks to SpoilerTV for finding this great interview!


tallone said...

I'll be looking for the observer that is for sure.

Capcom said...

Ditto. I wonder which side -- good, bad, or ugly -- the observer will be on?

Heheh, maybe he'll be holding his brain in a glass bowl like on MST3K. :o)

tallone said...

good thought ....he may not be entirley good or bad as I suspect are many of the players in this show.

Anonymous said...

Something to keep in mind. He mentions the commercial breaks. Fox is announcing how long each break will be, which is unusual. They have mentioned that they are utilizing camera/editing tricks to help viewers with immersion into the world/content. It would be interesting to see if there is a pattern in the station break lengths though.

Zort70 said...

I'm just listening to the Chris Moylesinterview now and I love it.

Ham Sandwich !

Anonymous said...

Observer was that bald guy when Olivia was at the train station

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