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Fringe Comic #1 - Like Minds / The Prisoner

      Email Post       9/04/2008 12:12:00 PM      

The Fringe #1 comic was released today (delayed by one day by the holiday). The comic contains two stories: "Like Minds" and "The Prisoner".

The first story, "Like Minds" details the initial meeting between Walter Bishop and William Bell, and their early work on the Synaptic Transfer System.

The second story, "The Prisoner", centers around a man who wakes up in prison, but doesn't know how he got there. Is he an unintended consequence of an experiment gone wrong?

You can purchase Fringe #1 at your local comic book store for $2.99 (if they are not sold-out already!).

The remaining Fringe comics will be available:

Like Minds:

Lost ARGs spacer
The Prisoner:
Fringe Comic Book #1: Like Minds - FringeTelevision.comFringe Comic Book #1: Like Minds - FringeTelevision.comFringe Comic Book #1: Like Minds -


Anonymous said...

I can't believe y'all scanned the entire comic and posted it.

So very uncool. I guess y'all are just like all the rest. I'm disappointed to discover that.

Dennis said...

What is that supposed to mean?

MTV posted the first part, we just scanned the rest. Should we just put our head in the sand and wait until some else scans it, then post about it?

Posting a low quality scan isn't going to prevent anyone from buying a $3.00 comic book. I seriously doubt they are putting out the comic to make money anyways - this is all just part of the viral marketing for the show.

FWIW, I bought two copies, but I had to go to two different comic book stores, because the first store was sold-out.

Mardarrell said...

I agree...totally uncool to post the whole comic. I believe that falls under the category of copyright infringement.

If someone else chooses to post it then that's their problem. You shouldn't justify your poor choice by citing someone else's (potential) poor choice. MTV and the other media outlets only posted portions for a reason. I'd bet that they probably got permission to post the 3-5 pages they put on their site.

Anonymous said...

take them down

take them down Noww!!!

I've rather buy the book than see it online

(I got the book, It's good!)

Der Merzmensch said...

Well, I'd say, thank you people for posting it. I mean, I say it as a non-US-resident. Surely in US it's simple to buy the comic for $3.00 everywhere, but in old Europe it isn't such easy. I will search for a book here though, but often the ARG and another contents are coming to Europe extremely late. And Amazon alike services are really really longplaying...

So thank you people for posting the comic. I'll buy at the first opportunity I'll have, though I don't really know, whether this first opportunity will come before the whole Fringe ARG and series will be already in deep past in US :-)

Erik said...

I dont understand why people start whining over posting this comic.

I'm very happy you posted the entire comic, because I'm a European and i wouldn't been able to read them as it weren't for this website!!!


Anonymous said...

Allow me to speak honestly Dennis, Edward. Myself and Edward have had our differences in the past, but I can appreciate the effort you've put into your sites.

I can see why you've posted it - it guarentees you hits. But by doing so you've left yourselves wide open to the type of 'copyright' critism that you've levelled at others.

I'm just sayin'..

Capcom said...

I'd like to say thanks for posting it. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise, and I'll still buy it (if I can find it) for the novelty as a collectible, even though I can read it here.

Dennis said...


Here's the difference... we did not post this comic and claim that we created it, and we did not remove the names of the creators, and put our own on it.

The only complaints we have had is when other people take something unique off our site, and claim they made it themselves.

For example, when we scanned and posted the Profiles from the Fringe Preview Comic. Someone copied our scans, cut off our website address that we put on the bottom, added their own name, and posted them in your forum claiming that they had scanned them in themselves.

Of course, there's nothing stopping anyone from getting the comic themselves, and scanning it, and we wouldn't have any problem with that - we don't claim "copyright" ownership to the comic. But it's obvious that's not what happened in that case.

For the record, we are happy to share everything we have on our site. If you want post something we created, that's great... the only thing we ask is that you credit the source (i.e. link back to us). We always try to credit our sources.

Anonymous said...


I cannot speak for the entire FB collective, but as you probably know the reigns have been tightened on the staff team, and several FB's have been let go. However the Fringe profile scan that was posted on my forum was posted by a member. I wasn't aware that there had been any wrong-doing until someone pointed it out, at which point I gave you appropriate linkage and closed the thread to prevent a full-scale war. So I really do think that was a case of someone trying to make trouble between the two sites - I have more on this, but I'll leave it there, since we're on a public domain.

Now I'm not saying that the FB's are perfect and I'm not saying that FF is perfect, but when I'm around I try to do things the right way and I've tried to build bridges between FB and FTV (and even FF and FTV!). Both sites have contributed to bringing the show-hype to the real fans, and the show hasn't even started yet. So I don't want to rekindle the 'beef' between the two sites. All I'm saying is that it's easy to fall into the trap of promoting a site the wrong way, it's far harder to remain completely ethical. :)

On the comic issue, I don't think you should have posted them all, but that's my opinion. Like I said, I can see why you did it, but I don't have a burning issue with it - others might though.

Anyway, only 4 or so days to go, then we can all get on with the real deal!

Anonymous said...

I just don't want to be spoiled, thats all.

Dennis said...

I would probably wait until you watch the pilot episode, before you read the comic.

It's not so much that the comic is a spoiler, but the comic will just make more sense.

David Wu said...

Thanks for all the great work on here.

I set up and laid down the foundation for the Fringe Comic Book Guide on the official FOX wiki; check it out here:

Edward said...

That's very cool David. You do nice work. Ever consider lending your expertise to Fringepedia?

David Wu said...

Edward, thanks! That means a lot... In regards to Fringepedia, I was recruited, and now I'm a contributor over there as well... in fact, the comic book entries on both FOX's FringeWiki and Fringepedia are "sister pages," and overtly so - they are also "essential links" to each another.

Anonymous said...

Bought the comic and thought it was very cool. But imo the young Dr. Bishop should have been more attractive...still geeky of course, but handsome geeky! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't see the big deal, I for one am still going to buy a copy as soon as they get them back in stock(provided they re-stock)

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for posting the scanned pages but it's somewhat disappointing that you have taken them down. The two stories does not compromise nor coincide with the episodes of the series. It actually helps promote it.

itaintrite said...

Oh boy, I'll probably be hated by all the self-righteous people on this website.

Do you actually think that people who didn't have any intention of buying the comic (or anything in general) would buy it if they couldn't find it online? Hmm, highly unlikely.

Now the chance of somebody having read an entire issue online and liked it to go out and buy future issues would be more likely.

Shame you took the scans down. Guess I'll never know if they're worth buying or not.

Adanedhel said...

You know what, if these comics weren't so ridiculously hard to find, then you could be extraordinarily anal about copyright infringement. Until then, they're hard to find, therefore they're asking to be pirated.

I, for one, am disappointed that they were taken down.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man! It's hard to find it here in Brazil... In USA it's easier huh?
Anyway, I'm still loking for the comic books here (honestly, i don't think they will ever arrive)

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