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News Update: JJ Is On The Phone. Which One? Both. Also, Mark Valley Part 1

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Joshua Jackson and J.J. Abrams are on the phone with reporters, and Mark Valley, exclusively, and in 2 parts.

New York Post - J.J. Abrams Talks Big Business:

Despite the clear prevalence of a corporate conspiracy in the pilot of "Fringe," Abrams downplays it's role in the series over the long run.

"It's much more about the characters than a cliché look at corporate culture," he says, adding: "That said, I don't trust corporate culture at all."

Reuters - JJ Abrams offers terrifying sci-fi on TV's "Fringe":

The terrifying thing, says J.J. Abrams, creator of the upcoming TV series "Fringe", is that those tomorrows are now within reach.

"The show is coming out a time when every week we read or see some kind of potentially horrifying scientific breakthrough ... We are at a time where science is out of control," Abrams told reporters in a conference call on Thursday.

The Mayor of Television - Beyond the "Fringe":

Romance may be in the air for Peter and Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), the FBI agent drawn into a world of scientific horrors. There's chemistry between the two in the pilot, which airs Tuesday, but, as Jackson drolly noted, "It would be ... awkward to hit on a woman while her boyfriend's dying right in front of her."

BuddyTV - Exclusive Interview: Mark Valley, from 'Fringe' - Part 1:

When you first read that pilot script, what was your reaction?

Mark Valley: I was compelled. It was very engaging. I just couldn't put it down. And I had read other scripts for television shows about science fiction things, you know, some of the usual suspects there which makes for, you know, kind of a mediocre read. But this one, for some reason, the way it delved into the characters [John Scott], the unique aspect of the cases they're investigating, the way the characters interacted - I couldn't put it down, I had to find out what was going on. It was one of those things. It was a real page turner. I said “Well, if I like it, then other people are going like it.” Also it was the only job that was offered to me at that particular time. I'm not going to go on about all these wonderful things that drew me to the pilot - the fact that I was unemployed was the most contributing factor...



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