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Fringe Encore With Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson

      Email Post       9/15/2008 02:06:00 AM      

Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson hosted the encore presentation of the Fringe season premiere - "Pilot".


Beverly said...

I missed the encore episode and was hoping to catch the preview of the "The Day the Earth Stood Still". The old black and white version is my all-time favorite movie, I'm dying to see what they did for the remake. Any idea where I can catch that preview?

Anonymous said...

Here's one.

Beverly said...

Awesome! Thank you!

Beverly said...

Hmmm. I'm afraid the message of the original movie may be lost in the remake. The trailer makes it look like it's hyping the sensationalism of earth being invaded without the underlying message. I hope not. The original was sooooo good!

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