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Fringe Video Recap: The Same Old Story

      Email Post       9/18/2008 09:33:00 AM      

Here is the Official Fringe Video Recap from FOX.

One interesting thing to note - whoever put this together used some old footage, because they have the wrong Massive Dynamic building. Oops!


SAIKO said...

jajaja why??
or is not a mistake...

Anonymous said...

also, i noticed that in the left one, it says "MASSIVE DYNAMICS" while in the right it says "MASSIVE DYNAMIC". there is an "s" missing at the end of the second one. not sure if it has a point though. perhaps a last minute change.

tallone said...

I think dropping the s was done to match their website.

Anonymous said...

if anyone can remember these italian guys we talked about here
I just discovered another one of their LOLfringe here:

looks like they should say:
*2 people out of 4 are nerds
*light (on?)
*there are things they don't teach (?) you in Capeside (I think is Dowson's Creek town)

funny :D

Anonymous said...

The photo on the left is the exterior of the Royal Ontario Museum, in Toronto. (Where -- at least some of -- the interior shots of MD are)

Anonymous said...

What if its not a mistake, but a second building? Massive Dynamic as its hands everywhere, as we can see in the show, so why would they be confined to one building?

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