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Fringe Episodes available on FOX in HD

      Email Post       9/10/2008 01:39:00 PM      

If you forgot to set your TIVO for FRINGE last night, don't worry. The entire episode is now available in "High Definition" at the Fox On Demand website. The quality will vary based on your internet connection speed, and of course there are commercials, but you can watch it full screen, and you can't beat the price - FREE!

You can also watch the episodes here, in the Episodes section.


Dennis said...

On Demand stuff is usually limited to the US only. Can anyone outside the US verify that?

KARLOZ25 said...


Thanks a bunch!

If we keep streaming this, the show will get more hits, and more than likely won't get canceled!


aLilyWithThorns said...

bless you for this!!!!

Anonymous said...

It does not work for those of us in the UK..message on the site says only available to those in the USA.
I had to employ other means to get my "fix" of Fringe and how fabulous was the pilot episode!

Anonymous said...


Download the torrent file, I did its fan friggin tastic.

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