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      Email Post       9/23/2008 07:49:00 PM      

If there's one night of the week when Fringe Television's pistons are all firing at once, this is it. Tonight, at 9:00 Eastern, the Episode 103 - The Ghost Network post will go up over at Episodes and kick things off. If you want to read what others are saying about tonight's episode of Fringe, or add your 2¢, check out Episodes.

This is also the time of the week when our Screencaps section earns its keep. Have a look at last week's screencaps and easter eggs, one of which might be the clue about tonight's episode of Fringe. Then there is the all important task of gathering up tonight's easter eggs in search of the clue that foreshadows next weeks episode. If you think you found one, or just have a suspicion, let us know and we'll grab it for you.

Tuesday has also proven to be a busy night over at Fringepedia, where at 9:00 Eastern, the article page for The Ghost Network episode will be unlocked and work on the definitive account of the episode will begin. Just have a look at the Fringepedia article for last week's episode, The Same Old Story, if you're not clear on what to expect.


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