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Fringebusters - Science vs. Reality

      Email Post       9/25/2008 05:52:00 PM      

Popular Mechanics has been running a per-episode series of articles (1, 2, 3) examining whether the 'science' on Fox's Fringe is reality based or factually challenged?

The Dapper Alchemist took a similar approach with his dissection of The Same Old Story. Update: TDA has posted a second dissection, this one of Episode 103 - The Ghost Network.

Fringe is of course science fiction, so separating out those elements of the show which are grounded in real science from those that aren't, isn't exactly criticism even though it may sound like it. Nevertheless, Fringe did raise the bar for itself when its creators--J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman--all confessed to turning to real science news for inspiration.

That said, we thought it might be fun to have our own weekly series on the science of Fringe. If you'd be interested in writing it up, putting it together or editing it (read: It would be your column, so it would be up to you how it was written), drop me a note () or leave a comment with your proposal or suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for linking to my site. I've put my science review for the third episode:

Fringe: The Ghost Network

Capcom said...

Wow, thanks for posting this, so glad they're writing articles on that. Saves me some work, I'm all researched out from studying the physics of time travel for Lost! :-)

AussieMega said...

Did anyone notice the sign on the warehouse towards the beginning of Episode 4? It said: "S.E. Kramer Manufacturing"

Which is the same name as the author of the Popular Mechanics blog posts debunking the various scientific claims in each episode.

I think they call that a "shout-out"


Edward said...

Nice catch AussieMega.

Anonymous said...

its quite interesting that a magazine has already debunked the facts behind the fiction. I have to agree with Edward that the article isn't really criticism. Creators are right, the fiction is based from facts. Also, the show brings the element of the "what if?" question in your mind. Possibilities are indeed endless.

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