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Fringe Music: The Black Angels, The Glass Helmets?

      Email Post       9/19/2008 01:35:00 PM      

Fox added some notes to the official episode 102 recap - the "Songs in The Same Old Story", which include:
The band name The Glass Helmets may ring a bell for Cloverfield fans. The band was mentioned in a Cloverfield viral video on the website.

It's not clear if TGH is a real band. A MySpace account for TGH appeared during the Cloverfield ARG, and does not appear to have been updated since.


Der Merzmensch said...

What? Glass Helmets? It sounds nostalgic :-)

Now I am really in :-)

LiVEwiRe said...

Hmmm, but now where can I hear the song as the site doesn't seem to want to play either of them... Well, short of watching the episode over.

Marc Arsenault said...

Matthew Fox singled out The Black Angels as a favorite band in an interview a year or two or tree ago. But maybe you knew that?

Anonymous said...

Note the song title--Skin head.
Perhaps alluding to the bald man?

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