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Fringe Series Premiere Tonight!

      Email Post       9/09/2008 10:11:00 AM      

If you weren't aware that the series premiere of Fringe was tonight... welcome to for the first time!

We've added two new sections to Fringe Television for tonight's debut - Episodes and Screencaps.

The Episodes section will have posts for each week's new Fringe episode, where you can discuss the episode, analyze the clues, and talk with fellow Fringe fans. Check out for an example of how this will work. Episode posts will be available as soon as the show starts, generally 9/8c, however don't forget tonight's episode starts at 8/7c. The episode section is a spoiler-free zone, so please read the posting guidelines before you begin.

The Screencaps section will be the place to see screenshots of Easter Eggs and clues hidden in the show. As soon as the episode ends, we'll start posting up interesting frames. If you see anything we might have missed, leave a comment in the Screencap Request post, and we'll try to get to it. Head over now, to get a sneak peek at an Easter Egg from tonight's episode. - The original FRINGE WikiAlso, don't forget to check out the original Fringe Wiki - contains a wealth of information about the latest episode, characters, and "The Pattern". Just like Lostpedia or Wikipedia, any one can join and help contribute to the ultimate Fringe Encylopedia.


Anonymous said...

on the edge of your seat great !!!

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is a good TV show, but in my personal opinion, have a lack of plot, some events happen to fast, and other take to much time, contrary case with Nikita, beside Maggie Q is hotter than Anna Torv jajajajaja.

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It is a great show, much better than the X files, or should I say more modern and with new plots.

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