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Fringe Music Video: Ror-Shak - A Forest

      Email Post       9/03/2008 12:34:00 PM      

Fox has a new music video for Fringe, featuring Ror-Shak and their cover of The Cure's "A Forest".

The scenes appear to have been shot specifically for the video, but may contain plot elements from future episodes that could be considered spoilers. This still image, a scene from the Sheep Video from the CASE 0091 ARG. There is also a scene that could be related to the Fringe Preview Comic.

To see screenshots from the video, visit


Mandy said...

Thanks for the HQ link. It's a fun look in to the show. :)

Also, MTV got the exclusive first look at the comic book series:

Anonymous said...

The video doesn't seem to be working anymore....

Dennis said...


Anonymous said...

better quality ?

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