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Fox Fringe: Walter's Lab Notes #3

      Email Post       9/24/2008 01:50:00 AM      

In this weeks Walter's Lab Notes, Dr. Bishop mentions Petrarchan sonnets, Cassandra (from greek mythology, had the gift of prophecy, and the curse that no one would ever believe her predictions), and Sassafras (an ingredient in Root Beer Floats).

The objects shown in the folder are the Duck Rabbit optical illusion, photos of crystalized people, and Roy McComb's drawing.


tallone said...

Did you catch the thing about reviving the transmitter on the roof, as well as the lab's dimensions were right for receiving transmissions?

Anonymous said...

i wonder what "YUGOSLAV SKYCH" means ... it's engraved in the stone arch of the church (?) wall behind the black car.

tallone said...

Skych could be shortened from Skycha which can be a first or last name. Here's all the meanings for the name "skycha"

tallone said...

Sorry for the double post...went to a site named in yugoslav...lead to an ammunitions company...yikes.

Der Merzmensch said...

About "Yugoslav Skych":

I wrote in Unfiction about it, so sorry for double posting if you read it usually.

In Russian "Yugoslavskych" is an adjective "yugoslavian", plural, second person (in context like: "about Yugoslavian writers" or "in Yugoslavian newspapers" etc.). I suppose, since it isn't written in Cyrillic, it isn't Russian, but another Slavic language, looks like Polish (with the suffix "skych").

The grammar case is really weird for a writing above the door, so I hope - I very hope - it is like you write it: "Yugoslav Skych", with space, which doesn't make any other sence, but a name "Yugoslav Skych"... I've never heard about forename "Yugoslav" and about a family name "Skych" though.

My only hope is, it isn't a "lost in translation" masterpiece like this:

Sam G said...

Walter asked Peter to play Bach mass in A Minor. There isn't one it's in B minor.

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