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TV Ratings Report:Series Low for Fringe

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TV Ratings Report: Series Low for Fringe
 November 12th, 2011 2:47 PM by Matt Richenthal

 Fringe delivered a tremendous episode last night, though you wouldn't know it based on the ratings for this Fox drama, which plummeted to a series low...

 8 p.m.
 Kitchen Nightmares: 3.92 million viewers
 A Gifted Man: 8.25 million
Chuck: 3.17 million
 Extreme Make Over Home Edition: 4.21 million
Nikita: 1.9 million

9 p.m.
 CSI: NY: 10.16 million
Grimm: 5.19 million
20/20: 5.58 million
Fringe: 3.07 million
Supernatural: 1.79 million

10 p.m.
Blue Bloods: 11.18 million
20/20: 5.87 million
Dateline: 4.9 million

See Matt Richenthal's TV Fanatic article here.


fringeobsessed said...

All we can assume is that FOX is watching the ratings.
Tell everyone, everywhere to watch Fringe LIVE.

Reinbeast said...

That really angers me. Is Fox ever going to figure out how to market Fringe? How about they start by actually advertising it? They only time they really did seemed to be in the summer of 2008. And the only people who seem to care are those who put together the interviews and previews for YouTube. I can't see that doing too for marketing except get those who are already fans excited. Of course, I bet Fox doesn't even care that the show has fans worldwide.

lechatnoir said...

Of course in Spain we follow all spected episodes. Too much fans are waiting for new episodes some days latervthan you.. Don't forguet us.


Rachel CJ said...

I don't know why people are watching Grimm. It sucks. I tried. I really tried to be interested, and I don't think it will last the whole season. Unless NBC keeps hammering away at it, like they do.
Anyway, Once Upon a Time is much better, and is closely related to LOST and Fringe, and it airs on Sundays, so I think people should just watch that instead.
And then watch Fringe.

Shannon said...

Fringe is doing waaay better than Nikita and Supernatural and haven't both those shows been around for awhile. Plus, Fringe was the show with the most DVR-ing, right? I hope that counts for something.

Dan said...

See what happens when you put it on a Friday night? Who is home?

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