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Fringe Episode 407: "Wallflower"

      Email Post       11/18/2011 05:43:00 PM      

Tonight on Fringe Friday's "Fall Finale", is the seventh season four episode "Wallflower".

When a man mysteriously dies by an invisible force, his body rapidly begins turning ghostly white. The Fringe team learns that this is not an isolated incident, and there’s evidence that links the predator to someone who passed away with an unknown genetic disorder. Meanwhile, Olivia suffers from migraines.
Chat live during the episode and tweet with Joel Wyman, then after the show discuss the episode here in the comments, and get more information:
Also, don't forget to check back here after the episode for Observer sightings, Glyph codes, and other Fringe Easter Eggs.

How do you rate the Fringe episode "Wallflower"?


Unknown said...

so sad that this is the last new Fringe this year, seems like the season just started.

dana said...

I won't last!

Joe said...

I really like this series, but why so few episodes? And waiting 2 months for the next new one? That's a long time.

Dennis said...

Joe, there is a full order of 22 Fringe episodes this season - the same or more than other seasons.

There are 35 weeks in a standard TV season, so there will be 13 weeks that don't have a new episode.

A lot of people travel for the holidays, so they don't like to show new episodes when people aren't around to watch. Plus, it gives Fox space to show holiday specials, etc.

Having longer breaks also means that more episodes can be run together in a row without interruption. Like the first four episode this season, and the last three episodes.

Anonymous said...

can someone give me the names of songs played on this episode?

Dessy said...

This was a good episode, but it was never created to be the fall finale. Baseball and terrible fox scheduling messed that up. I don't understand why they don't just air the next (epic, originally supposed to be the fall finale) episode next Friday and make that the mid season finale. Ugh.

Michelle said...

Yikes. Was that our Nina? Please tell me there's an alt-Nina, and that Olivia is not being experimented on by her foster mother.

LC_07 said...

@Michelle We've never seen alt-Nina, and I don't trust this Nina! Even if she raised Olivia, I still have my doubts about her.

I wonder if it's actually an experiment or if they are trying to avoid that she remembers something (she remembers very little of the cortexiphan days, doesn't she?!). Or trying to make her remember something.

Olivia is already kindda flirty with LL, even with his thick framing glasses. But Peter sure is trying to help him! Peter really is convinced that Newlivia is not his Olivia.

Can't believe we'll have to wait 2 months to get some answers. The fall finale would have been good, yes, but also it probably would have raised a lot more questions, leaving us even more desperate for the return and with more questions. So looking from that point of view (trying to see the glass half full here), there might be an upside on all of this.

And thinking about the weeks, we probably won't get any more repetitions or game breaks next year, if so, only one or two, to keep the show inside the 35 weeks that Dennis explained. So, I'm happy about that too. =)

milostanfield said...

@ Michelle

Thanks for the alt-Nina idea! Hadn't thought of that. Blair Brown is definitely getting an interesting take on her character this season.

Could she be this timeline's version of Walternate? If she IS alt-Nina then she and Walternate could well be in cahoots (and maybe even in the same bed!) together. They both combine a genuine concern for their "offspring", and at the same time are willing to risk them to achieve some hidden goal. Too bad Leonard Nimoy is retired or we could throw Bell into the mix for added spice.

If that was the BLUEVERSE Nina standing in Olivia's doorway, she could be just as nefarious as Walternate on her own. She may even BE Season Four's Walternate! Hell, they could even be switched like the Olivia's were back in Season 3.

In the different office interviews she had with Lincoln and Olivia, Nina seemed evasive if not downright shifty eyed. And those cases all pointed back to good ole MD, although Nadine's cute little typewriter seems to point to the redverse as well.

So which Nina: the one that gave that "gunrunner" speech in "Subject 9", or the one who teased Olivia about her prom date in the same ep? Or both at once? Or a switched Nina? Like you said: Yikes!

I'm almost ready to jump on the Nina Is Evil bandwagon (Hi, John Noble! Can I sit next to you?link), but first I want to know what Nina's purpose is for gassing her surrogate daughter. She could be concerned about Olivia's potentially budding Cortexiphanabilities, and trying to protect her in some way, like when Bell pulled divots out of Walter's brain in "Grey Matters". Or not. Consider the impossibilities! Gotta love this show.

milostanfield said...

Fringe Fan posted in the "Back To..." preview forum the idea that Nina may be in league with the Observers! So add that to the mix, stir, bake, and post.

milostanfield said...

Nina could also be hooked up with David Robert Jones. The glyphword for "Wallflower" was DAVID.

Also (tongue firmly in cheek here) Nina could be in league with Polivia shippers to prevent Olivia from keeping that 3AM diner date with Lincoln! ;)

Leticia said...

I'm not adoring this season, but the first ones were so good I'm still a huge fan. I miss the Peter/Walter/Olivia chemistry. I miss it too much in every episode of the season so far. I also liked it better when it was all science/conspiracy themed, the first two seasons. Since the two universes and now, two timelines (That's 4 universes, actually) thing, I'm losing interest, which I hate. I'm really fearing they won't be able to fix it. If Peter stays in this timeline, we'll have to deal with the Olivia/Lincoln/Peter triangle. If not, we'll have to see the Peter/Olivia/Other Olivia with the baby triangle and, honestly, none of them is really appealing for me. I liked the idea of Peter being able to start from scratch, and being able to build his relationships from a fresh, non-stained place, or something.
I really miss the previous Fringe, but I'm willing to see how this season evolves.

Jim said...

I agree with Leticia - I still enjoy watching the show, the actors are of such high calibre and it's such a slick production with clever writing, but... I'm missing the old cast. I think as an audience we enjoyed the 'other universe' versions of the characters, John Noble's performance as Walternate proved what an incredible actor he is. But it was the original universe characters that we were rooting for. For Peter and Olivia. For Walter and Peter. All of that essentially ended with season 3. My favourite characters are essentially gone, granted that old Peter is still here, but even he is adapting to the whole situation a little too well. He's 100% rationality and no emotion despite his own father and girlfriend no longer knowing him. We know this cast is very skilled at adapting its roles and portraying slightly alternative versions of themselves. We've seen it before. Now we have to go through it all again? If they are anything like me, I suspect most of the audience is just killing time waiting for the old show to return... I guess I'm just concerned that the writers are throwing away a great show for the sake of it. I get it, you're very smart. That's why I watch the show. Please bring back Fringe. When you replace all the characters in a show even with actors that look the same, you still have a different show. I don't think I'm watching the X-files when I watch Californication. Watching Fringe Season 4 is hopefully as close as I'll ever come to experiencing Capgras please make it stop. I know I will probably keep watching regardless, but the show was amazing, now it's just entertaining. Don't make this into another Lost. There's a reason most people don't want to remain friends with an ex after a relationship ends, because sometimes we'd rather remember that person as they once were, when they meant most to us, rather than have to accept their new role in our current life, one in which they bear less importance, less significance. I'm holding out for things to get better, but ultimately I'm willing to accept Fringe as being an amazing 3 season show...but I hope it lasts longer.

Anonymous said...

@milostanfield I especially like your comments. Lots to think about! :)

This series started off pretty weak for me but I think this episode blew it back on track. Yes I also miss the old chemistry but I'm sticking with Fringe. - it's too good a show to bail on now and the actors are just great!

Matthew M said...

Like Michelle the first thing that popped into my mind was 'SAY WHAT!' and then 'is an alt-Nina? I'm just sayin' ....................

Izzy said...

hey, does anyone know the song that was playing in the background when they are all in the lab examining the first body?

milostanfield said...

Agent Tim: "Maybe just imagine I'm a friend."

Peter: "Yeah, 'cause every thirty-two year-old man needs a friend to chaperone him while he's underwear shopping."

Seems his quipability survived the plunge in Reiden Lake just fine.

milostanfield said...

I liked this ep. The writing and direction was light, kept it moving, and got us through the usual exposition. Lots of quick visual brushstrokes that said much. Right off the bat we get a close up of Olivia reaching for a pill container with a warning to "keep this away from children" prominent. Then right to her closing the cabinet with the familiar beveled mirror two facing her. So this is an Olivia centric ep. And is about her Cortexiphan past (and future). Last week's was Peter centric. Remember when they could both be in the same centric ep, not just passing and saying hi in the hallway? ;)

I guess one thing that will make you yay or nay on this one as a story is how you deal with U-Gene/Eugene. He is certainly a less full fledged character than the Greens from last week, or McClennan from "One Night…", or even Truss from "Novation", and Cameron James. He barely exists at all in fact, so basically he's just a metaphor ghost. At least he's way above Gus.

I can live with that, so I liked the ep. YMMV. He paralleled Peter in his circumstance, existing in the world but not acknowledged by others or part of their lives. He paralleled Olivia in his motivation, wanting to emerge from invisibility and connect with others, the way she is starting to struggle with emerging from her emotional cocoon. Other than that his life is much like Penrose in "Same Old Story", living as a predatory animal, killing to survive. His last scene in the elevator, after he decided it was better to die as Eugene than live as U-Gene, was great, and did humanize him.

I liked how they evacuated the building at night, and turned off all the lights, essentially turning it into a haunted house, so they can do a blue light search for a "ghost". That was fun. I'll leave the color symbolism for more capable hands. Is the building a metaphor of the old timeline?

I guess the biggie in this ep is the last scene with Nina gassing Olivia. We've had very little "larger" story stuff this season, so I'm jumping all over these crumbs. I'm still up in the air as to what Nina's intentions are. Is she a baddie? Is she trying to protect Olivia? Is she trying to activate her with Cortexiphan? Prevent her from activating? And why? And with whom? Not enough evidence, so we'll all predict according to our like or dislike of Nina until well after we get Santa out of our chimneys. There's plenty of past evidence to go both ways. Have fun.

I'll give this one a solid 4 out of 5 UV lit ghosts, with maybe points off for U-Gene. That may change. I only gave "And Those…" a 3.5 but it became a 4+ after rewatching and reading other's reactions. For now a 4.

LC_07 said...

Like was said in the post about the glyphs.

The last 3 glyphs speel STILL/LIVING/DAVID.

@milostanfiled The best thing about S4 is the return of badass Peter.

A lot od people have been saying that they are unhappy with the way things are going, but I can't relate to that. Yes, the plot is going in directions that you wouldn't have expected at beginning of the show, but I relate to the show exactly the same way I did in the past seasons. At the end of each episode I'm still so excited, barely being able to remain sitting on my couch. It's a different kind of mistery and intrigue, but I still enjoy very much.

LC_07 said...

I'm going with bad Nina! Or at least, Nina with agenda, following someone's orders or plans. I think this even might be why she kept the dunham sisters after their mother died; to make sure Olivia followed a certain path. Why did a lab connected to MD paid Olivia's mom medical bills?

In one of the interviews by Josh Jackson, in the spoiler section there's some information that kinda goes in that direction, but I won't post it here.

I just think that the red-haired women in this show are not to be trusted. Even when Nina was nice, or helped the team in past seasons I was always a little suspicious.

and whatever happened with the sort of romance between her and Broyles? That always kept me wondering.

theslushybrain said...

what if that nina in the end wasn't our (at least seeming to be) nice nina, but the alternate nina?

Janis said...

Nina is helpful to a point. She has to protect the interests of Massisve Dynamic and the greater good. Olivia is the key player in all universes, and Nina keeps her close for that reason. I don't know if this season takes place in 2 or 3 universes. My inclination is that it is still 2, and the way Peter gets "home" is by tweaking the time line so that he survives Reiden Lake as a child. Another thought: Olivia's attraction to Lincoln Lee is her relationship pattern. First, it was John Scott, next Peter Bishop. This season it is looking like it will be Lincoln Lee. Can't wait to see if the current Olivia is actually Peter's Olivia. Could Nina be keeping Olivia from connecting to people, and that is why she is so alien to Peter and unrecognizable to him?

LC_07 said...

Janis, do you think Olivia is that easy? Any guy she works with, she dates? C'mon.
It took her 3 years to get together woth Peter, and she was partners with John for years as well.

Like Dennis said in the topic "Everything will explained soon" (or something like that), Nina injected Olivia with cortexiphan. The drug was used to open the kids' brains to embrace their abilities, right? So maybe Olivia has supressed everything, since the trial was finished and Nina is trying to make them come back. Giving her MORE cortexiphan couldn't revers the powers right? And I don't believe neither Nina or MD are worried with the greater good. And if they are, at what cost?

LC_07 said...

Did anyone else notice how Newlivia doesn't let her hair down? The Olivia in the OT let her hair down the first time she went out with Peter (season 2). Even though Newlivia seems to be a little more opened, more avaiable, for some reason she didn't allow herself a more girly look to go out with a boy.

Konstantin (DP from Fox Fringe Community) said...

@LC_07: Unlikely that Nina injected Olivia with cortexiphan. In "Immortality" (3.13) Bad Brandon tells Walternate that he's reproduced cortexiphan & tried it on adult subjects--all of whom died. If Nina knew about that, there's no way she'd try it with Olivia. Maybe it would be different for someone who'd already been exposed to it, but...

milostanfield said...


Peter "redoing" Reiden Lake would work and he may try that after his redverse excursion fails (I think it will fail). He would need the powers of an Observer, or at least their cooperation to pull it off. Remember that summer teaser with Josh in Observer drag? I thought it was just a goof. Should I reconsider?

So far we have gone through Season 4 with Peter's point of view, knowing everything he knows, and sharing his cognitive dissonancelink. But we know one thing he doesn't: that the Observers intentionally erased him from existence. He just thinks "something went wrong" related to Walter and the machine. Once he finds this out I think he may be just a little pissed. His first encounter with an O (S0104 - "The Arrival") was not very pleasant.

In "Brown Betty", that eternal theory fountain, Nina was in league with the Observers. Again I thought it was just a goof. Reconsider? With Olivia about to become empowered (hence her key player status), and about to meet with September in the next ep, maybe the bald boys are about to make more changes. Yikes.

Re Olivia's relationship pattern: I agree with LC_07 that she SHOULD know better, but hormones have a mind of their own. I know mine do. Plus she has also had three years, from her point of view, since John Scott (and without Peter), and she was obviously a lonely soul when she met, and quickly took to Lincoln. And that conversation Olivia had with Astrid, when Astrid was trying to shipper her with Lincoln, implied that she has tried office romance before. So yeah I think she may have been ready.

Re: she's alien to Peter and unrecognizable to him. Nice one. Who knows what may happen, besides universe crossing, once Olivia activates? She may well see Peter for the first time. That would sure leave poor Lincoln in the lurch, and stop a lot of Polivia shipper teeth grinding;).

milostanfield said...

Oh yeah, LC, I notice every little thing that woman does with her hair, like checking the weather. Sigh. But I didn't connect back to that night in "Jacksonville" when she first saw Peter glimmer. And remember how she "bunned up" in "Marionette" after her Over There ordeal? I think she may she may have refrained from going long to keep from knocking shy Lincoln on his keister. But I'm just a guy. What do I know? I think the two greatest mysteries of all are a Unified Field Theory Of Physics, and what women think about when they are looking in the mirror doing makeup. And not necessarily in that order. Any women care to enlighten?

máy lọc nước said...

Joe, there is a full order of 22 Fringe episodes this season - the same or more than other seasons.

John said...

I am wondering if anyone out there knows the name of the song that was played in the little bar in the beginning of the episode

Konstantin (DP from Fox Fringe Community) said...

I withdraw my last comment after seeing the screenshot that LC_07 mentioned in another thread, a closeup of the injection tools with ampules labeled as cortexiphan. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but not much of the pseudoscientific "fringe science" blathering does.

LC_07 said...

Well, milostanfield, even though I'm a girl, I can not explain to you all the misteries of what we think of when we're in front of a mirror. There somethings that men will never get ;)
But I can tell you that most women relate to their hairs as the most precious thing and the most vital key element to their beauty (and most of us are never completely happy with the hair we got).
And for me, and most women I know, a pony tail is a practical way of getting the hair out of the way, when you have things to do (ever notice how women in the supermarket, studying or doing sports, or running errands, usually have their hair up?); even though I often wear a bunned up hair, like the one Olivia wears in "Marionette", that probably shows how reserved she was at that time, not giving room for any closeness (in opposition to just being practical with the pony tail).
When she let her hair down the first she went out with Peter, I thought: "Yes! She's finally given in!". Maybe that's why I thought it was weird she didn't do the same here, when she's being so open to LL. But you could be right, LL is a lot different from Peter. Or maybe she WANTS to have a relationship, but deep down something tells her that is not right (yes, I am a "shipper" for Polivia, even though I really don't like that word).
Or maybe, they just needed her hair to be up, so the shot of the shot (?!) would be more visible, and are now laughing on how much I just read into a single pony tail action(!). But I don't think that's the case. xD

LC_07 said...

milostanfield, what said about the 3 years she's had without John could very much be true.

What I don't understand is what Peter thinks he might get on the Other Side that could help him. Walternate wouldn't help him when he knew him, now that he doesn't know him, what does Peter expect?

I don't think she's completely alien to Peter, I think he bugs her. She's annoyed by the notion of this person that has all this knowledge about them, and more and more seems to be telling the truth, and that she has some weird connection to him, this out law "fringe event". In this last episode, this was less evident, but from the past ones, that's the feeling I get.

I too liked that song, but I couldn't make out the words to trying figure it out. Every time a listened I got distracted by the dialogue!

milostanfield said...

I don't know what he's gonna get from Over There either except into trouble. Plus he's operating on the mistaken assumption that that the machine has something to do with his dilemma, when it's really the Observers. But in Fringe mistaken assumptions somehow lead to the truth. "Subject 9" was the latest example of that. So Peter's headed for deep doo doo, but he's the 190 IQ man. He'll find a way.

Thanks for all the input. I don't think you celebrate Thanksgiving in Brazil, so I'll wish you a great week instead!

Dennis said...

Who's in Brazil?

Why do you think the machine has "nothing" to do with his dilemma?

September was ordered to erase Peter from THIS time line (where he doesn't belong), but
they didn't make Peter disappear from the red/blue timeline - Peter and the machine did.

The Beyond The Fringe comics may or may not be "canon", but they suggest that Peter is looping in time with the machine, going back to fix things again and again until he gets things right.

LC_07 said...

Hey! How do you know I'm in Brazil?! xD
Nope, we don't have Thanksgiving Day here. But thanks! And I hope you milostanfield, and all the other americans in here have a great holiday as well.

(Dennis, if you didn't get it by what I just said, I'm the one on Brazil! lol)

Let's go back a while. This whole "he doesn't belong" deal only started in SEASON 4. Until then, what the Observers have always said is that "the boy wasn't suppose to live". September was ordered to correct what he had done, and that is letting Peter die. September says in the first episode of S4: "The timeline has been rewritten and yet traces of him continue to bleed through". So, how come it WASN'T THE OBSERVERS? I really think it was. And then, once more September let Peter live, not erasing him definitely. (What's up with September? Why is he always going against his bald buddies?)
Peter never intended to erase himself, he just connected the two universes, so they could help each other heal. But like milostanfiels said, he doesn't know that the Observers are messing with his life. And the fact that there a lot of Obersvers on Liberty Island when that happened, also makes me think that they had something to do with it.

milostanfield said...

"Hey! How do you know I'm in Brazil?!"

Sorry for the confusion, LC_07 (and Dennis, who's from Lexington Ky, another favorite place of mine). I don't work for the CIA! LC_07 mentioned being in Brazil in a post to an article about ratings or Neilsens, I think. It was the one where non U.S. fans were chiding us for watching "reality" shows instead of Fringe. Brazil always sticks in my mind because I'm so crazy about the music.

LC_07 said...

Oh yeah! I did say that. But I wasn't the one chiding the americans. xD

I just wish there were more I could form here.

Wow, Americans don't really know brazilian music, at least the ones that I've met. Would music do you know from Brazil?

LC_07 said...

I'm sorry everyone, for having changed the focus of conversation here, I only realized what I was doing after I posted! =/

Please ignore the last post.

Konstantin said...

Um, LC_07--what "what the Observers have always said" is that The boy is important! He must live! Remember it was September's butting into Walternate's lab to observe his production of a cure for the boy that caused him to miss the fact that he had succeeded & provoked Walter into reproducing the cure & crossing over to save him, and then September's intervention to save Walter & alt-Peter when they crash through the ice at Reiden Lake.

It seems clear to me the reason "the boy had to live" is to create the bridge between the universes. He is needed to take the separate parts of the Device from whatever year Walter obtains them (I do not believe he built the device--he never says he did! My money is on Bell or whoever Bell works for) back 250Myr to be buried so that they may be found & reassembled in AD 2009 so that Peter can use the Device to create the Bridge. Think of the two timelines as 2 pieces of fabric to be stitched together. The Device is the thread stitching them together and Peter is the needle. Once the stitching is done, the only thing the needle can do is damage the fabric, so you tie off the thread & break it & remove the needle.

I think this season we will learn that Peter was removed from the bridged timelines because the desired endstate has been reached (by whoever has been finagling things, probably through the Observers). The really big questions are who is directing the finagling & to what end & why is he/she/it so adamant it remain unchanged & what does that mean for humanity?

(And of course I'm almost surely completely wrong...)

milostanfield said...

@ konstantin - "(And of course I'm almost surely completely wrong…)"

Oh aren't we all, and gloriously so! Most all of my theories litter the bottom of Reiden Lake tied to concrete blocks. Except one: supercalifragilisticixpielidosius will NEVER be an episode glyphword. Pretty sure about that one. But hey it's fun trying.

I like the timelines as fabric analogy because it focuses on Peter's predicament. Will add it to the list. Another one I liked was mentioned on one of the podcasts. Forget who said it so I can't give credit. This one said that the timeline is like a video tape which records events in time in linear fashion. So to rewrite the timeline someone (the Observers? Peter?) taped over portions of what was already there, like the hapless husband who tapes a football game over his wife's wedding video. With the right analytical equipment (or because of faulty recording) portions of the old recording can bleed through or be detected. So then Peter is "bleeding through" in this analogy. Other things may as well!

My take (sorry, don't have a neat analogy) is that we are dealing with one timeline (prewritten and rewritten) that contains the same two "red" and "blue" universes as always, right down to the same physical places, things, and PEOPLE, only they're different because of the rewrite. So this is not a third amber uni. What that means is that Peter is walking around saying that "this is not my Olivia, this is not my Walter" and he's WRONG. They are physically the exact same people he loves, but he's also RIGHT because they're rewritten. What this setup does is separate our essence (our physical body, our instincts, our DNA) from our experiences, and asks "OK, who ARE we?". It's another way to address the Cartesian dualism without resorting to the old "put my consciousness in someone else's body" trope that is such a cliche in scifi.

Someone, somewhere here on FTV, posted a theory that these really are the same two universes as before, but that people have been "brainwashed" into believing differently. I like my take better but I think what we are both getting at is that somehow this Season 4 timeline is an elaborate fake. By putting us in Peter's point of view, which is that he and we know this is "different" but no one else does, we are led to FEEL this is all fake even if we don't think it.

Like LC_07 I think that Peter did not intend to erase himself. At the end of "Day We Died" he said "So I've torn holes in both the universes and they lead here, to this room. A bridge so that WE can begin to work together to fix --". Saying WE makes me feel he thought he was gonna stay home rather than wink out. I think the Observers intentionally erased Peter (and some don't), but it could also be an unintended consequence of his actions.

None of this will sort out until we know more about the Observers, their intentions, and what it is they did. See you at the bottom of Reiden Lake!

milostanfield said...

@ LC_07 - "changed the focus of conversation"
Yeah I guess we both got just a bit off topic there. More my fault than yours, but it was fun. Feel free, if you wish, to contact me by email (click on my screen name). It would be really valuable for me to get a perspective on Brazilian music from someone who actually lives there. I suspect what we get in the US is just a sample of what's out there.

LC_07 said...

@Konstantin I too want to know who's responsible for all this mess. =) When the Observers first came along, I didn't think they "worked" for anybody, but the way everything evolved, I sort of changed my mind.
And you are right, at first, what they said, is that "the boy was important". But last season, they started preparing Walter for the time he would have to let him go. Like in 3.10 (Firefly), with the whole "give him the keys and save the girl" and at the end they say: "He was willing to let his son die/when the time comes he will do it again". That is why I think the Observers do have something to do with his disappereance, somehow.

I do like the fabric analogy, as well as the video tape analogy. I think it might be a mix of both. I think the timeline hasn't been rewritten effectvily, like the video tape, that recorded over parts of the original video. And somehow he isn't needed anymore, he served his purpose of building the bridge. I don't know, but I do NOT believe this is a third universe.

I feel my head is going to explode, I can't organize my thoughts about this! =) So my theories might be even more wrong.

Suhara said...

This episode has unleashed a lot of confusion in me, and not just your normal amount! I love the show as much as ever, but I can't help wondering what direction the writers are going to take this whole "not-my-universe" storyline in... Is this going to be a case (like in the last season with Olivia) of Peter trying to find his way back home, or is he going to try to re-correct the timeline and get the others to re-remember him? I know these aren't questions that can really be answered, but I'd love to hear someone's else's view! I don't know whether I should begin to invest in these "new" characters and hope they get their memories back or hope that Peter can find his way back home?! Kudos to the writers for coming up with a storyline that really has fans scratching their heads!

Janis said...

All the comments are awesome, and the theories are interesting--can't wait to see how the episodes unfold. I think Peter needs to re-focus! He is ignoring Olivia when she needs him the most. Peter couldn't tell that Fauxolivia was not Olivia, which caused him to almost lose Olivia. So, he doesn't want to make that mistake again, but is he? Passing the responsibility of protecting this Olivia to Lincoln Lee may not be the best option for Peter. Isn't Olivia in any universe/timeline the main character powerfully connected to Peter and the key to any universe's survival? I think he needs to focus on this Olivia more than he is!

Konstantin said...

@LC_07: It sounds like the Amberverse is a palimpsest--a matrix of existence that was "written on" (the familiar Red & Bluniverses) & subsequently "scraped clean" for rewriting--with traces of the original pattern eventually reappearing behind the latest text. Maybe the Observers took advantage of the special conditions created when Peter used the Device to overwrite the original timeline(s) with their own version.

Come to think of it--why is the title sequence in amber? Fringe Amber stabilizes the timeline against "rips in the fabric"--and regular amber also seals creatures like flies up into a never-changing position. Maybe the color amber is suggesting to us that someone or something is trying to freeze the timelines in the condition they were in when Peter vanished from the Bridge Room. Maybe that's why the Observers wanted to erase Peter from the timeline--because he's the only person who can alter the timeline (through the Wave Sink Device) in ways they can't control.

chris said...

earlier this season, if I remeber correctly Walter said something about everything that ever happened was embedded into your soul and time cannot change that.

The next thing...Peter was, somebody is going to remeber.

Mike said...

At my work we have three year contracts for our employees, once you get passed the 6 month probabion period it is impossible to fire someone until their three year contract is up. One employee made it passed that point but it became obvious that the bosses realised that maybe he did not fit for some reason a little too late. For the last year of his contract they paid him but let him go out on interviews and did not give him work or include him in meetings, etc.

This is what is happening with Josh Jackson...they do not like him, do not want him around that much and when he is around.....they do not want him to do anything important....he has so much time off in the last two years I hope he was auditioning.

When I spoke to the employee at my company, it was so disheartening for someone to feel like feel that under appreciated. I just do not respect Wyman or Pinkner anymore. All I will say is you reap what you sow....Karma is a funny thing. This is going to come back to bite you in the butt...I hope at the end of the season when you are cancelled. Josh Jackson is not a bad employee, he has talent, he does not deserve this blatant disrespect he is getting.

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