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Fringe Episode 405: "Novation"

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Tonight on Fringe Friday is the long awaited fifth episode of season four "Novation".

In the aftermath of recent shocking events, things really escalate when the translucent shapeshifters return. As the threat and circumstances intensify, a former Massive Dynamic scientist Malcolm Truss enters the fold. Meanwhile, Nina Sharp pays Walter a visit in the lab.
Chat live during the episode, then after the show discuss the episode here in the comments, and get more information:
Also, don't forget to check back here after the episode for Observer sightings, Glyph codes, and other Fringe Easter Eggs.

How do you rate the Fringe episode "Novation"?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing episode! Can't wait till next week. Fringe just keeps getting better and better!

wetcat said...

maybe it was the 3 week break, but I can't remember- do we know who is responsible for the shape shifters? are they connected to the alternate universe's Fringe division like the previous mercury blood models?

Dennis said...

We don't know who is responsible for the new shapeshifters yet.

HDfoto said...

When Nina said that name doesn't ring a bell, did anyone thing of belly and his soul magnets. I got a little chuckle out of that! Good episode!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, while I still enjoy Fringe, having the whole series wiped annoys me, and certain things feel wrong. Still, the late episode Olivia seeing the lady hand her files twice was intriguing, and it will be interesting to see who is behind the new shape shifters.

emy26 said...

did anyone notice that olivia practically asked lincoln out and he refused? i always thought that licoln would be head over heels with her and he's blowing her off like that? and why wasn't there more interaction with olivia and peter?

catgoh92 said...

Okay so much information in an episode today which confuses me.

1. Apparently they do not know who is an Observer.
2. Nina Sharp adopted Olivia and her sister.
3. William Bell is dead.
4. The new hybrid human shapeshifter uses a typewriter too. Writing to who?
5. Why does Olivia experiences things twice? (at the end, handling the files)
6. Is Olivia starting to like Agent Lee? And why is he rejecting?

I still hope evryone can remember Peter before the season fall ends. I want Olivia and Peter to be back and solve mysteries like ONE.

Can't wait for the next episode!

MYDEUS said...

To Catgoh92

To your 1# statement : I've started a discussion about that on another forum. That's quite weird, because The Observers keep appearing in the new episodes, so that means they still are present whenever Fringe events happen, and they have been for a long time. So I don't think Peter could have influenced this particular discovery, because he had nothing to do with it in the first place.
I think that Broyles and the previous Fringe Division teams probably have noticed them, just like Broyles told Olivia earlier in S1. And it's Broyles himself who first refered to them as 'The Observers'...
My guess is that The Observers also erased themselves from Olivia, Walter and everyone else's memory (just like Peter, excpet they erased him entirely from the timeline) because if they would have remembered them, they would probably also have remembered that an Observer saved Peter as a child...

To your 4# question : I think she's writing to Walternate, just like Fauxlivia wrote to him in S3. :)

To your 5# question : I think that it's like a 'bug' in the timeline. Peter's come back wasn't supposed to happen, he isn't supposed to be here in that timeline, so maybe it's just him that causes temporal paradox...
I also thing that the more Peter stays in that timeline, the more effects it will have on the universe, because a lot of future things are going to change since he's obviously going to have an influence on the world's fate. :)

FringeFan said...

Oh man! That was a roller-coaster ride. And Peter's expression of frustration at the end of the episode was the pièce de résistance.

milostanfield said...

The most telling (and poignant) shot for me was when they panned back to show Peter alone in the briefing room after his second meeting with Walter. For the first 3 eps he was "Neither Here Nor There". Now that he is back he is truly "Alone In The World". I've never seen such a sad look on his face before.

What he has going for him is that his 190 IQ is obviously still intact. In his first meeting with Walter he figured out most of his predicament in like a minute. Hotwiring the intercom was a hilarious bonus (and a nifty parallel to his audio "appearances" in "One Night In October"). He also has all of the knowledge, experiences, and personal growth from the previous timeline

That knowledge is the only leverage he has with these people right now. Without that he may as well Houdini himself out of that briefing room and go rogue, and you know he can do that if he wants to. For the sake of everyone else it better not come to that. From the action in the field in this ep, it is obvious that these people are in way over their heads with the 2.0 shapeshifters. Peter has once again instantly figured out the nature of the transaction: he needs them but they really need him. Go back to "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep" (link then Prologue) and that dinner conversation he and the alternate Olivia had: his philosophy of transactions in a nutshell. Welcome back Peter.

scully8 said...

I enjoyed the episode, especially Walter and Peter's interaction as well as the expression on Olivia's face when Walter ran out of the room the first time. Also, thought it was revealing that she shared with Lincoln her unease with Peter and that she didn't understand why she had visions of him.

Finally, I think a lot will be made of Olivia asking Lincoln to dinner (at least from us Poliva fans), but my read was she felt bad for him and asked him out as a way someone would support a friend or co-working. I really don't believe (hope) that a love relationship will develop between the two, as her unease with Peter speaks volumes to her conflicted feelings about this strange man. Just my take on things . ..

milostanfield said...

The only clunk note (so far) in an otherwise awesome ep was Nadine Park. As a shapeshifter (SS), in terms of what she can do in the action sequences (she can Matrix herself up walls!), and in her role as a formidable antagonist, she was awesome. But the way Michelle acted the character was so flat, at least for now.

I realize that Nadine is a "robot", but as a 2.0 SS she is, and can be, much more. The big change is that SS's "keep" the DNA of all the people they have shifted into. Thinking back to Officer Duffy in "Do Shapeshifters…", I wonder how much more they keep. The showing of the wallet picture of the human Nadine's child may be a clue as to where they could be going with SS 2.0. I also realize that this SS stays shifted as Nadine for our visual consistency, but could she also do it because she likes being Nadine. I could see the writers putting her in a situation where she comes face to face with "her" child. So Nadine could change, along with the way Michelle portrays her, but at least for now, Nadine is no Thomas Jerome Newton.

milostanfield said...

scully8: funny how when we come to figuring out where Olivia is at, we always watch her face, every lip movement, pause, and eye dart full of meaning, a pleasure we enjoy in every ep.

I feel that Polivia shippers can rest easy. I think what Olivia was looking for was refuge, not romance. She is so shaken by the appearance of Peter, and its possible implications for her, that she's like "any port in a storm" right now. She may very well throw herself romantically at Lincoln, but I feel she's really looking for a place to hide, ala "Lysergic Acid Diethylmide", not snuggle.

You're right, the way she stares at Peter in that scene you caught, and others, is telling. Reminded me of when I was a child, walking in a wooded rural area, and ran across an animal big enough to harm me for the 1st time ever. I was shaking with fear, but at the same I could not stop staring at it in fascination. Think John Locke staring at the smoke monster, only with a LOT more fear than fascination in my case. With Olivia I think the fear/fascination ratio was more 50/50.

Did you also notice how she hung back in those briefing room scenes, no knuckles down on the table, leaning into the face of the perp, demanding answers like the Olivia of old?

Ironically, the closest thing to an ally Peter has right now is Lincoln. He was the one that asked Peter if he could help solve the case, bucking Broyles in the process. Again this was something the old Olivia would have done. Think back to "Pilot" or "The Abducted" where she bucked Broyles in both universes. Not this Olivia. Right now both Olivia and Walter are scared @#$%less of this wild animal named Peter.

Suhara said...

Last night's episode was amazing! I cried when Walter accepted Peter and then left him... Both Josh and John were incredible in that scene. Would have liked to see some more Peter/Olivia interaction but I guess they only have 42 mins so they can't cover everything. I also cried when Olivia pretty much asked Lincoln out, but that was a whole different kind of crying.... :(

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't know as i was unable to watch.... and still can't! why do i have to wait 8 days to see this FOX? The only way to see this online b4 the next episode is if i have a DISH network account? I can't afford DISH.
Thanks FOX - you HAD been my station of choice and now i'm thinking of dropping you altogether... and I'm startng to believe that all the bad things about FOX just may be true. Why can't you put the episodes on the day after like all the other TV networks? very frustrated viewer

milostanfield said...

Anonymous (who can't watch Fringe yet):
Have you investigated the possibility of watching over the air live with an antenna? I have a cheap TERK INDOOR antenna hooked up to my MacBook Pro running EyeTV. You could also do this directly to your TV (mine's too old for HDTV). I get excellent reception, and can record the show as I watch, so I can watch it again.

The critical factor is whether you can get good reception where you live. You would want to check that out first before plunking down dollars.

Two advantages of this route: You only pay once to set everything up, and after that it's free. No cable/sat company sucking money out of your wallet every month. (If you're not a big sports fan you could even ditch cable/sat altogether.) And if you CAN get good reception, the OTA signal is better quality than cable or satellite.

Sorry you have to wait for Fringe. Others on this site have the same issue. Hope we didn't spoil it for you with our posts.

Dennis said...

Anonymous, why can't you watch Fringe live?

You know you can also buy the episodes on iTunes and Amazon the next day if you don't want to wait eight days.

Anonymous said...

There is a great quote from Gizmodo about this:

Fox is the first major network to put their wares behind an authentication curtain, but they won't be the last. And honestly, it's not the end of the world; Hulu Plus members are unaffected, eight days isn't an impossibly long time to wait, and if you complain loudly enough the onus will be on your cable provider to cut a deal. The age of free internet everything is ending, but come on: did you really expect it to last?

Janis said...

Olivia knows she has a connection with Peter and asked Lincoln to dinner to confirm her destiny with a man of her, and in her, "dreams." The rejection by Lincoln confirms what she already knows in her head and ultimately in her heart - Peter is her soul mate. It has been a surprise to me how Walter is rejecting Peter, that he does not deserve his son's love and acceptance. Now, Peter sees how his rejection of Walter feels. It's important for Peter to understand that. Peter holds on to hope that the woman he loves and the "father" he grew up with will eventually have the same relationship, only better, as before. How frustrating to start all over again!

Stella said...

There was so much blue in this episode! I think even in the opening credits there was a bit of blue seeping through! Yay!

Anonymous said...

As Olivia said to Astrid, Lincoln is not her type, she likes him as a friend, she is more in a mothering attitude, and Lincoln doesn't want that from her, but much more. In a prvious episode Olivia says to Lincoln that she is here for him and he seems very interested until he understands that Olivia is approaching him under a friendly perspective, and he get upset.

wetcat said...

Since we know that the future Peter's consciousness went back to present day Peter's body at the end of season 3, how do we know which Peter (mentally) we are dealing with now? Watch to see if he gives away too much knowledge of future events, ones that our Peter hasn't experienced. Other thoughts: Without Walter to spur his experiments on, William Bell developed a conscience as applied to science, but without Bell, Nina became ruthless. Lincoln Lee turned down Olivia's invitation to dinner because he's the new guy and he detects that Peter's the old flame (or rightful or destined... anyway, it's complicated) and this Lincoln's not just nerdy, he's wimpy.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me out? It's the tenth day since "novation" aired and it is still not unlocked on or hulu. Am I missing something?

Dennis said...

"Novation" didn't air until the 4th, so it won't be available on Hulu until the 12th.

DK said...


It seems to be Peter from the future episode. He says that the machine was built by Walter. In the Season 3 finale Walter tells Peter he was the one who built it. This is gonna make things interesting because it means he has knowledge of tech and science 15+ years beyond everyone else.

Anonymous said...

What happend, I thoght novation was supose to air on the 28th?

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