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New Kevin Corrigan Interview: "The Last Of Sam Weiss?"

      Email Post       5/05/2011 10:47:00 PM      

Here's a new interview with Kevin Corrigan. A demon's twist rusts?


Anonymous said...

A Demon's twist Rusts = Don't Trust Sam Weiss

Arthas said...

I feel kinda bad for him...that no one recognizes him for the character. :(

...Next time I see him on the street or in a book store, I'll be sure to point and shout "DON'T TRUST THIS GUY! ...HE KNOWS THINGS!"

ppl said...

Now, I Love This Guy, He's hilarious XD
Will hope for more Sam Weiss, more Kevin Corrigan!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ppl: agreed! he's gotta be very funny!

JuliDG said...

I know what the anagram means, lol, it was a joke, hehehhehe :)

But thnks anonymous.

fringeobsessed said...

Anna Torv is a "Matrix" fan-very cool!

Too bad the lady who played "The Oracle" in the movie passed away. She was perfect for that part.

This was a delightful interview!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I'm wondering if the Get Glue code is what's written on the bottem of the coffee cup. I can't make it out.

Anonymous said...


I agree, so cool.

and it's cool we've seen 3 looks for Sam and now the reveal that theres been more than one Sam. whats it all mean?

Anonymous said...

I think Sam should stay a pivotal character like the Observers. The writers have established Sam and his "family" to be steeped in time and mystery (though I think it's the same Sam throughout history). I like Sam. He's Smooth.

Anonymous said...

I wanna sleep with him.

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