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Season Finale Tweet-Along Answers From Joel Wyman

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Fringe executive producer Joel Wyman
During tonight's Fringe Tweet-along event for "The Day We Died", Fringe executive producer Joel Wyman (@JWFringe) answered questions from fans during the west coast feed.

Here is a list of some of his most interesting tweets:

@RKon Hi Mr Wyman! Will we learn more about the beacon in season 4?
@JWFRINGE Hi! We try and answer all. Things always come back and get revisited.

@CoryAllenHurst will Joshua Jackson be back on season 4?
@JWFringe Let's just say Josh has a contract for season 4.

@monkeyswimmer Great finale! I just want to know how you plan on keeping the "Without" Peter...
@JWFRINGE "Without" Peter are your words, not ours. ; )

@hollywoodgrrl Joel, will we get to find out more about Mr. X and Olivia's epic love for toast
@JWFRINGE Absolutely! Yes. Certainly we will learn about Mr. X.

@pencalledwalter I really need to know if Peter will be back next season... I really did't understand where Peter's gone...
@JWFRINGE "What happened to Peter Bishop?" IS the question. Have faith. ; )

@MC_247 What happend to Baby Henry?
@JWFRINGE If there is no Peter...there is no Baby Henry.

@manissag In the end Peter has to come back right? Simply because he belongs with Olivia? @JWFRINGE We agree. He belongs with Olivia.

@Madreflections The observers better have a purpose for Peter again.
@JWFRINGE The Observers have a purpose for everything they do.

@berry_hearts I really would like to read Peter's whole eulogy to Olivia. *wink*
@JWFRINGE It's in the script. We decided to play it with no words. It was MORE moving this way for us.

@foxylucius Is Peter and Liv's marriage a good sign for our universe?!
@JWFRINGE Hi. I think that's the logical conclusion for their future.

@WormholeRiders When did your team select the dark beginning color scheme for awesome #TheDayWeDied? Its great!
@JWFringe We knew right away that we were going to use a black and silver title sequence.

@noz4a2 John Noble once again...brilliant. was his character supposed to of had a stroke?
@JWFringe Yes. That is correct. Walter has survived a stroke sometime between 2010 and then.

@bonesinoz The funeral scene is the most heartbreaking piece of TV that I've seen since Scully found Mulder dead years ago. Tears flowed ;(
@JWFRINGE Thank you. We decided to play it just with music. So glad you liked it.

@nuccbko East coast here. Are we going to get an Observer answer next season? Pretty please?
@JWFRINGE Hey man. We will learn more about them.

@gemdrgn1 It's so weird to see Walter in shackles & a beard. Why was he incarcerated? @JWFRINGE Walter was in jail because he went to trial for the things he did to the universe.

@saveuc_siul What will happen to Peter?
@JWFRINGE Sorry. That is for season 4!!! ; )

@JWFRINGE Haha. We don't want to torture you, we want to engage you. ; )

@Meet_dagamer Will we be seeing more of Lincoln Lee Over Here in the next season?
@JWFRINGE Can't say anything officially yet. But we ALL love Lincoln.

@aboutmytivo How do you pick the words to go in the opening credits? Seeing "Hope" got me a little choked up!
@JWFRINGE Thanks. We chose things we thought would be newsworthy in the future.

@Fringie6989 Can you at least confirm that Peter is "somewhere"?
@JWFRINGE Yes!!! He is somewhere. ; )

@Cerulean847 Why are "Water" and "Hope" in the opening sequence?
@JWFRINGE Those things are in short supply in the future.

@floweringss You really know how to play with us, you go and kill Olivia after we all say "She's the only character I couldn't handle dying"lol
@JWFRINGE Do you trust us? I hope so... ; )

@joaquiminverno Which Olivia do you prefer?
@jwfringe OUR Olivia.

@TeaKayBlue Did Peter cease existing, or did he just die as a child in both universes like was meant to?
@JWFringe Walter said to him "There will be consequences" to Peter. And this is what he meant.

@TeaKayBlue Since Peter now never existed, what new reason is there for the tears in the universes?
@ARejectSoShy The reason for Walter to cross over changed but that doesn't mean he would never do it.
@JWFRINGE Exactly. Walter and Bell were working on crossing over before Walter used the tech/knowledge to get Peter.

@MelMel8809 What happen to Broyles EYE?
@JWFRINGE Broyles was injured in a Fringe event. That's what happened to his eye.

@NickSzeman What ever happened to FBI Agent Jessup from Season 2?
@JWFRINGE Amy Jessup was a guest character.


FringeFrogee said...

Thank you to JW for reassurances on the Peter and Lincoln fronts! What would we do with out both Bishops.

I seriously cannot wait for the next season...are we there yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome answers, I hope this show continues to a 5th season. I cancelled a date to watch this show tonight! :D

Anonymous said...

When will the next season start?

fringeobsessed said...

Thanks for posting these at 3AM(yikes!), Dennis.

Sarmen said...

The season finale was Fantastic with a capital F! I was so fascinated and captivated that I don't think I blinked the whole episode.

I love Fringe so much. I hope Fringe gets to stay on air until the producers/writers are happy to complete the series on their own, without the threat of cancellation. WOO HOO for Season 4!

The writers are just as brilliant as Walter. I really appreciate that they managed to create such a tantalising finale. I also appreciate that the writers know that, we Fringe fans, are an intelligent group of people. I love how I can understand and follow the story without the writers having to reiterate.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you for FRINGE

KaKaiKai said...

thank you for this!
amazing season finale.
cant wait for next season :D

Anonymous said...

Fringeviewer here: So, by changing the past, Peter simply did not came to existence but there was still a good reason to cross over universes. I'll be happy as long as he returns as a person and not as a vision or hallucination... This finale was more than my little mind could handle.

Nancy said...

If things change in the past, I theorize that the original Peter from our universe didn't die as a child, and Walter never kidnaps the alternate universe (OUR) Peter -

Anonymous said...

Let's hope we haven't (and won't have to) seen the last of Peter.

Anonymous said...

@Sarmen, you have said everything I wanted to say! :)

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